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Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring

At the moment of designing construction elements, it is necessary to consider the intended use and the characteristics that an element must comply with. And

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Maintenance of concrete floors

Dusty environments in industrial warehouses are a continuous problem because most of these floors are not being treated. BECOSAN®’s unique and patented system is a

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Facilities Management – Industrial Cleaning

As a facilities management company you are probably already dealing with industrial cleaning of warehouses, production facilities and distribution centres and are well aware of the problems a concrete floor can present you when it comes to cleaning and dust problems. Because of the rough surface (the micro roughness) you are aware that it is almost impossible to get clean, no matter what scrubber-driers you use or what process you go through to clean the floor. And you have probably dealt with complaints from your clients about the constant dusting that keeps occurring even though you clean the surface daily. The reason for this is in the surface itself and in that lies the solution. Because of the micro roughness of a concrete floor, the dust particles will settle in this roughness and no matter how many times you run over the floor with a cleaning machine, it will still be dirty. When wet, the floor might look clean and depending on what cleaning solutions you use, it might even smell clean. But the fact is that once the floor is dry after cleaning, these dust particles will inevitably start to whirl around in the air again, only to re-settle on the floor, clog expensive machinery or on products/packaging, creating problems and health hazards.

With the BECOSAN® process you can eliminate the micro roughness in the surface, leaving the floor very smooth and now very easy to clean, as there’s no-where for the dust to settle – When you clean the floor with a scrubber-drier, using nothing but water or a mild soap, the floor will be as clean as you have never seen it before.

And the whole process is done using your existing cleaning equipment, is so easy that anyone can do it, and makes no use of any harmful chemicals. And after treatment you will have a floor that looks as good as new, with a fantastic shine to it and protected against staining from water, oil and grease. Not only that – when using BECOSAN® Densifier, you will make the floor dust-proof from within, as the penetrating liquid binds the free lime within the concrete and eliminates the chances of these particles to be pushed through the surface and continue to dust.

We guarantee that your floor will be dust-free for 10 years or more. Last but not least, the concrete floor will be harder and more durable because of this process, leaving your clients with a floor that was stronger than ever before. Which building owner would not want that.

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