8th India Warehousing Show 2018

indian warehousing show becosan

8th India Warehousing Show 2018

Everything is ready for the eighth edition of the India Warehousing Show. The exhibition is a reference at an international level, this event will be attended big market players in the logistics sector worldwide. In this edition 12,000 attendees are expected, for this reason we feel it is a good opportunity to participate. The objective of this event is to share the technological advances and the most outstanding solutions currently in terms of logistics, storage and assembly lines.

We are pleased to announce that the BECOSAN® team will be present at this important event and if you are attending do not hesitate and call by our booth for more information regarding the treatment.

BECOSAN’s unique treatment for polished concrete floors is a benchmark in Europe, where large logistic retailers are already opting for our solution. Now we are entering other markets to bring them the quality and benefits they need.

Attendees to the event.

Louis Downes, Head of Global Sales of BECOSAN® will be attending the event personally and will be on hand to answer all question you may have.

Muralidhar V, Country Manager of Becotreat Private limited India, will be joining us in this event and will be responsible for all our work and contracts in India.

When is the event?

From June 21 to 23, 2018.


Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

If you are interested in seeing our dust proof treatment first hand do not hesitate to contact us or stop by our stand.

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

We you want your cleaning company to become a leader. One on the list of those who can provide the best and most effective cleaning of industrial concrete floors, you indeed need to get the appropriate industrial cleaning equipment.

The scrubber dryer is a good example of perfect cleaning equipment. This machine is ideal for medium and large surfaces.

The scrubber dryer is perfect as deep cleaner and polisher, and therefor you should include the Floor sleeking system every time you face an industrial concrete floor.

An untreated concrete floor causes a lot of dirt and dust problems. And when we talk about dust problems, we talk about health problems as well. But dust nuisance can be stopped by treating concrete surfaces with the right products. Since the invention of the BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer professional cleaning companies can guarantee an absolutely dust free concrete floor with only a very little maintenance. Dust free ergo no allergen problems – low maintenance ergo saving in cleaning costs.

Please take a look at the web. You will easily find “before” and “after” pictures of warehouses, depots, office spaces, sports facilities… where concrete floors have been treated with the BECOSAN® products in the BECOSAN® way.

The scrubber dryer has become a necessary tool together with your other industrial cleaning equipment in the daily work of your company.

Using the scrubber dryer you can offer a brilliant performance and that in an economic and timesaving manner.

BECOSAN® is very proud of the result. By inventing the BECOSAN® system to clean the concrete we have found the perfect way to get rid of all kind of stains and marks – and how to assure that the appearance of the surface will stay smooth and shiny for many many years.

And you can find several models of this industrial cleaning equipment – that depends on your possibilities and needs. Word gets around very quickly. A well-done result is very fast known, and satisfied customers will return and bring new customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to inform you and answer your questions.

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BECOSAN® Grinding and Polishing Process

Naturally we want to share our extensive knowledge with you and as you know, just a few years ago, an industrial floor really had to have some sort of coating in order to be treated for dusting etc. We all remember the dirty and dusty underground parking spaces, warehouses and production facilities.

It has become so much easier today by utilizing the Floor sleeking system and the grinding and polishing processes. And by using BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, your company can offer an absolute perfect concrete floor – once treated with the right products. Ground and polished by professionals, the floor surface never needs any other protection. And this surface, with its marble appearance, can be used everywhere; in warehouses, civil centres, sports arenas, hospitals, airports…

Have a look at our website and learn how to include the Floor sleeking system in you grinding and polishing processes. You will be astonished how easy and fast this job can be done.

We have developed a system with special discs for your technicians to attach to traditional power trowels – no need to invest in expensive new machines, just choose the grinding and polishing process from Floor sleeking.

BECOSAN® systems have no comparison. They will never get yellow, so you can apply the products inside and outside. The concrete floor will keep the same appearance from day one. The surface will stay smooth and dust proof, and will be very scratch-resistant due to the BECOSAN® Densifier, and after the application of the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, the floor will be protected against water, oil and other penetrating stains.

Just imagine. Not only you will be faster than your competitors, but you can guarantee a long-lasting result. Once the job has been done, your clients will be able to cut expenses for expensive maintenance work.

Please contact us for further information.

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BECOSAN® Trowel Polish

The BECOSAN® trowel polish system is able to transform any power trowel into a grinding, polishing and cleaning machine and the BECOSAN® discs are easily attached to the pan of your power trowel with the BECOSAN® power trowel attachment system and it is very easy to fix.

And with this machine and BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer (BECOSAN® system) even the dirtiest, dullest and damaged industrial concrete floor will get a new life.

No other method can compete in neither speed nor quality at this cost-effective price. Your costumers will be happy to know that you can now offer a treatment for 1000+ square meters a day – and happy to know that the surface of the floor will become much more abrasion resistant, dust-free and easy to clean, which will result in a serious reduction in maintenance costs and repair bills after treatment.
And time is money – for you as well. Not only will you be able to do the job at record speed, it will also reduce your labour costs.

Before, you had to do a serious maintenance once a year with a surface-coating like epoxy. It was the most utilized floor solution before the invention of the BECOSAN® system.

But this method isn’t necessarily a very durable way of protecting the floor and it can also be quite expensive to apply. Due to the fact that it is a topical coating, it can start to peel from every little scratch – and BECOSAN® has put in a lot of effort to invent a protection reacting from inside the concrete floor– therefore BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer – and BECOSAN® trowel polish system.

Of course the surface has to be prepared before the application of BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.
This is where the Floor sleeking trowel polish system come into play. Liaise with your customer exactly how glossy they want the floor before you start the application – chances are that they will want it as glossy as you can make it because it looks so good. The polishing work must be done in between the application of the BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer – a high-gloss finish demands a little more polishing with finer diamonds as a medium-gloss finish requires.

Please contact our experts for further questions.

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Warehouse Cleaning

BECOSAN is low-odor and can be used outside as well as inside a building. It easily removes a variety of floor waxes, acrylics, curing agents and tire/scuff marks of the concrete surface.

Yes, before warehouse cleaning and the durability of this job could be quite a challenge. Applying wax was the only way to protect the surface from being dirty and dusty again. And the wax had to be replaced very often in order to be just a little acceptable.

But today with our BECOSAN system, you only need to clean you costumers concrete floor once in a century – BECOSAN DENSIFIER will make it resistant to marks and rough treatments, and BECOSAN PROTECTIVE SEALER will make it liquid and dust proof.

Your costumer will be happy and satisfied with the warehouse cleaning your cleaning company has provided – and you know; satisfied costumers always return.

Your facility management firm will also be able to offer this service at competitive prices. Using a scrubber dryer to the process with your experience within the area the warehouse cleaning will become fast and easy.

When you get contacted by an owner of a place with concrete as the final floor covering, you should advice this person to let the surface be treated with BECOSAN®, even when the concrete is new and still has no marks or stains. The products will immediately create a protection, and it will be a simple game to keep a low maintenance of the place.

Low maintenance rhymes with low maintenance costs.

Who wouldn’t be interested? Please contact our experts or take a look on the web where you will find photos of concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, beautiful and shiny, that never requires waxes or coatings.

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Facilities Management – Industrial Cleaning

As a facilities management company you are probably already dealing with industrial cleaning of warehouses, production facilities and distribution centres and are well aware of the problems a concrete floor can present you when it comes to cleaning and dust problems. Because of the rough surface (the micro roughness) you are aware that it is almost impossible to get clean, no matter what scrubber-driers you use or what process you go through to clean the floor. And you have probably dealt with complaints from your clients about the constant dusting that keeps occurring even though you clean the surface daily. The reason for this is in the surface itself and in that lies the solution. Because of the micro roughness of a concrete floor, the dust particles will settle in this roughness and no matter how many times you run over the floor with a cleaning machine, it will still be dirty. When wet, the floor might look clean and depending on what cleaning solutions you use, it might even smell clean. But the fact is that once the floor is dry after cleaning, these dust particles will inevitably start to whirl around in the air again, only to re-settle on the floor, clog expensive machinery or on products/packaging, creating problems and health hazards.

With the BECOSAN® process you can eliminate the micro roughness in the surface, leaving the floor very smooth and now very easy to clean, as there’s no-where for the dust to settle – When you clean the floor with a scrubber-drier, using nothing but water or a mild soap, the floor will be as clean as you have never seen it before.

And the whole process is done using your existing cleaning equipment, is so easy that anyone can do it, and makes no use of any harmful chemicals. And after treatment you will have a floor that looks as good as new, with a fantastic shine to it and protected against staining from water, oil and grease. Not only that – when using BECOSAN® Densifier, you will make the floor dust-proof from within, as the penetrating liquid binds the free lime within the concrete and eliminates the chances of these particles to be pushed through the surface and continue to dust.

We guarantee that your floor will be dust-free for 10 years or more. Last but not least, the concrete floor will be harder and more durable because of this process, leaving your clients with a floor that was stronger than ever before. Which building owner would not want that.

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Building Owners and BECOSAN®

As a building owner, developer or landlord you are already well aware of the dangers and the hard wear the concrete floor in your building have to withstand under daily use with heavy traffic from fork-lift trucks, heavy-duty machinery and general traffic, all causing severe wear of your floor, meaning that you will face expensive repairs at some stage, and always will be struggling to clean the surface, as untreated concrete floors are almost impossible to clean.

Maybe you have already faced the prospect of having to repair your floor or if not, you can probably imagine that it is not a cheap solution – on top of that you might even have to shut the facility down while the work is ongoing. What effect will that have on your company?

With the BECOSAN® and grinding and polishing process and the use of BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer, you now have the possibility to treat your expensive floors and make them more durable and very easy to clean after treatment. And better yet, it can all be done while your facility is fully operational.

The system works by grinding off the top layer of the concrete floor (the micro-roughness) so that dust particles can no longer settle, and the floor becomes easy clean – something that was not possible before treatment. By using the BECOSAN Densifier, the floor becomes dust proof as the eco-friendly chemical reacts with the free lime within the floor and binds all the particles together.

On top of that you get a floor that is more than 400% stronger because of this chemical reaction, and therefore much more resistant to wear and abrasions. In the end you use the BECOSAN Protective Sealer to protect your floor against stains such as water, oil and grease, as the floor will be sealed off, making penetration of these materials very difficult, leaving your floor looking fantastic for a long time.

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Facilities Cleaning

All over the place you can find dirty and dusty concrete floors, and he would like to know whether it would be possible to conserve the old floor, or whether he must let somebody put on another floor covering.

Yes, it is possible!

By letting your technicians use the BECOSAN® system and a scrubber dryer they will be able to create a new-looking “marble” floor – which is only an appearance of cause – it is concrete and not marble. Visit BECOSAN® in the web and you will see the amazing beautiful result. This new method of treating old concrete AND new is absolutely the invention of this century.

It gives an appearance never exciting before with any other treatments.

Facilities cleaning and this satisfying outcome of high quality is only a question of using the right products with a scrubber dryer – and of cause having experienced people to do it for the costumer.

Your technicians must clean concrete floors with the BECOSAN® cleaning solution.

We guarantee that this product will remove every kind of stains and dirt.
But this is only the first step, when you want to create these shiny “marble”-floors. It’s is obviously that the client wants to keep his floor beautiful and dust-free.

Your technicians must then make the concrete surface flat and smooth by using the special BECOSAN® grinding and polishing discs – with the highest grit at the end – and then apply BECOSAN® Densifier to make the concrete hard enough to support heavy weights and traffic.

The facilities cleaning, the costumer is asking for, is almost done. The surface only needs to get a final touch with the BECOSAN Sealer in order to make the concrete water, stain and dust proof.

The shiny appearance “the marble look” depends on the final polishing.

The more polishing the more shine.

We’ll invite you to visit our website. With the BECOSAN® system you will now be able to propose a facilities cleaning that all your costumers will be happy with.

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Power Floated Screed

Today with the new BECOSAN® system a new time has come, where the treated concrete can compete with any other materials as final flooring material – fast and easy for professionals to work with and cheap in material costs. You don’t need any other floor covering – the surface will with this treatment get such a beautiful appearance – shiny, dust free and easy to keep clean.

Professionals companies in concrete flooring, your company, will now be able to offer the costumers a beautiful a long-lasting concrete surface by choosing the BECOSAN® system together with the power floated screed.

When you work with the trowel machine the screed will become very compacted and ready to support heavy weights. You can do it still more resistant by applying BECOSAN® Densifier – a hardener which has the proprieties to leave a dust free surface, when it has been correctly applied of cause.

The reason why the products must be applied by professionals like your technicians. And then a final touch with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer in order to stop penetration of any kind of liquids or dirt.

Power floated screed processed with a trowel machine and BECOSAN® are used to provide smooth flat floors in residential, commercial and industrial building – absolutely everywhere: museums, airports, hospitals, stadiums, sports arenas, refineries, chemical processing facilities, industrial plants and warehouses…
Power floated screed with the BECOSAN® system is indeed a revolution within the construction industry. Using the BECOSAN® system your customers will contact you next time they need to get concrete flooring done.

BECOSAN® only uses green solutions. We are not interested in making compromises, when there are talking about protecting Nature. Please call us for more information.

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Power Floating Concrete

By power floating concrete you will remove imperfections and produce a flatter surface. By adding the Floor sleeking system, you will extend the life time of the concrete floor. But please be aware of the fact that power floating concrete is carried out later than hand floating, as the concrete needs to support the weight of the trowel machine. Besides of that it is worth waiting a little, the outcome is a lot better.

BECOSAN® Densifier makes the concrete harder, able to support very heavy machines and a lot of traffic. BECOSAN® Protective Sealer protects the concrete from the inside – absorption of oil, grease, water and other stains will be almost impossible after this treatment.

Your customer will be happy with the solution. He will find a beautiful and shiny floor – no need for much maintenance, synonymous with time and money saving.

Power floating concrete with a trowel machine is a very fast way to get a very nice result. When you search on the website you will find beautiful pictures of floorings where the concrete is the only and final floor coating.

Never before a concrete floor has become so easy-to-clean, dust free and durable.
The competition is fierce among the construction companies making industrial concrete floors.

The Floor sleeking system is the perfect system for highest performing flooring. It is a cost-effective floor technology. The customers are always satisfied with the high quality of the result. No wonder why the concrete as the final floor coating material is more and more in demand.

Please visit our website for further information.

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