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Removing stains from concrete floors

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Many owners or managers of industrial buildings come to us with the same question…

How do I remove stains from concrete floors? How do I clean concrete?

There are guidelines on how to maintain an industrial concrete floor, among others:

  • Use white wheels
  • Daily cleaning
  • Clean up spilled liquids as soon as possible

These guidelines are common for maintaining a new concrete floor from the beginning. But what happens if these guidelines have not been followed and it’ s already too late? Or if you have rented a new industrial building and have to face a floor in unfavourable conditions.

Even if these guidelines are followed, in most cases it is nearly impossible to maintain a floor in optimal quality and hygiene conditions. This is due to the intense use of the floor, either by:

  • Machinery traffic
  • Scraping of pallets on the floor
  • Dust generation in joints or cracks

Is it possible to restore or renovate a concrete floor?

BECOSAN® has a solution for this. We offer a floor treatment that not only eliminates stains and surface damage of a floors, but also protects and improves the concrete so that these problems do not occur in the future.

BECOSAN® is not a cleaning treatment, it is a finish for your industrial floor. By grinding and polishing the concrete, a dense, hard and resistant surface is created. Able to withstand intense use and very easy to clean.

Improves the floor and reduces maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are reduced due to the ease of cleaning the floor once treated. Fewer staff hours and less material used to obtain a clean floor.

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