Power Floating


Power Floating

What is a Power Float?

A Power Float is an electric or petrol driven, hand operated machine that looks rather like a hover mower.  At the base of the machine is a ring of adjustable steel blades.  The machine spins at around 150 rpm and smooths almost set concrete to give an enhanced smooth, harder finish.


A BECOSAN® work carried out in Germany.

When to use a Power Float

You know when the concrete is ready for a power float when walking on the concrete surface produces indentations of no more than 5mm.  If the concrete is too dry the Power Float will be unable to produce an even surface, on the other hand if it is too wet the machine will merely rip the surface apart.

What are the Benefits of Power Floating?

  1. Produces a smooth finish less vulnerable to cracking
  2. The smooth finish makes cleaning easier
  3. Quicker and more effective than hand floating
  4. The perfect preparation for the Becosan System

Do I need Becosan on a Power Floated floor?

While a Power Floated floor is harder and smoother than a traditional concrete floor, the floor can be much further enhanced by the use of the Becosan System.  The Becosan System is ideally utilised when the floor has just cured.

The first phase of the Becosan polishes the floor to produce an even smoother and reflective finish.  The floor is then made even harder using the Becosan Densifier.  In the final phase the floor is made resistant to liquid spillage with the Becosan Sealer.

Choosing power floated concrete floors finished with the Becosan System for your premises has numerous advantages. These floors can withstand heavy vehicle traffic and are a much easier to keep clean; the perfect finish for a warehouse, factory or showroom.

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