Power Floating

Power Floating

Power floating is the best way to make your concrete extremely flat, hard and durable. This technique really provides you with a first class finish. When you use a power trowel with helicopter blades, you will reduce the defects on your concrete floor to create a flat surface. A major problem in many underground garages for example.

The Power floating must be done at the correct time – when the new concrete is just hard enough to support the weight of the power trowel and the operator.

Once the floor is power floated and cured, BECOSAN® is applied to polish the surface.

With BECOSAN® no floor coatings are required. Its 6-step procedure will enhance the performance of your surface providing you with durability and an apearance that will last many years.

Due to this important factor BECOSAN® is very competitive and also a very cost effective solution.

Many studies have been carried out on how to provide your concrete floor with the correct solution. Floor coatings are not anymore required. With a single application of BECOSAN® a strong and conclusive result is achieved.

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