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Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring

At the moment of designing construction elements, it is necessary to consider the intended use and the characteristics that an element must comply with. And

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Maintenance of concrete floors

Dusty environments in industrial warehouses are a continuous problem because most of these floors are not being treated. BECOSAN®’s unique and patented system is a

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Power Floated Screed

Today with the new BECOSAN® system a new time has come, where the treated concrete can compete with any other materials as final flooring material – fast and easy for professionals to work with and cheap in material costs. You don’t need any other floor covering – the surface will with this treatment get such a beautiful appearance – shiny, dust free and easy to keep clean.

Professionals companies in concrete flooring, your company, will now be able to offer the costumers a beautiful a long-lasting concrete surface by choosing the BECOSAN® system together with the power floated screed.

When you work with the trowel machine the screed will become very compacted and ready to support heavy weights. You can do it still more resistant by applying BECOSAN® Densifier – a hardener which has the proprieties to leave a dust free surface, when it has been correctly applied of cause.

The reason why the products must be applied by professionals like your technicians. And then a final touch with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer in order to stop penetration of any kind of liquids or dirt.

Power floated screed processed with a trowel machine and BECOSAN® are used to provide smooth flat floors in residential, commercial and industrial building – absolutely everywhere: museums, airports, hospitals, stadiums, sports arenas, refineries, chemical processing facilities, industrial plants and warehouses…
Power floated screed with the BECOSAN® system is indeed a revolution within the construction industry. Using the BECOSAN® system your customers will contact you next time they need to get concrete flooring done.

BECOSAN® only uses green solutions. We are not interested in making compromises, when there are talking about protecting Nature. Please call us for more information.

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Protect the Concrete

You have a concrete floor in the basement of your house. In fact, it’s a place where you are working a lot, sometimes with quite dirty things, so you would like to give your concrete floor a kind of protection to make it stay clean and easy to maintain. Previously “they” did this with some kind of wax, but those days are fortunately gone. Protect the concrete floor against stains like grease and oil with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.

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A BECOSAN® floor requires little maintenance. The increased hardness and durability mean it is less prone to becoming damaged or cracked. This means that your business processes do not need to be interrupted to conduct repairs to the floor and cleaning is rapid and at a lower cost.

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Concrete floors exist in tough environments. Machines, fork lifts and the constant pounding of booted feet can leave their mark. A harder BECOSAN® floor is more resistant to tyre marks, scratching and scuffing and marks that are left can be more easily removed.

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