Industrial polished concrete floors

Polished concrete has been seeping into every sector, and there is no surprise that major industries are opting to go for them.

Industrial polished concrete floors are gaining popularity due to their numerous benefits, such as minimal maintenance and durability, and also for the fact that almost any concrete surface can be polished. Almost all industrial concrete floors, if structurally sound, can be polished with proper preparation, no matter if it’s old or new.

Heavy-duty machines are employed to slowly grind down a concrete surface to the desired level of sheen and smoothness, just like how you would with sanding wood. Industrial polished concrete floors are commonly installed in large warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, hotels, and more.

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Why Should You Use Industrial Polished Concrete?

Factory-owners, retailers, warehouse-owners, and many others just like you are opting for industrial polished concrete due to the various competitive advantage it gives over other types of floors and finishes.

By opting for industrial polished concrete, you will not only be making the most logical choice due to the value that it delivers but will also own one of the most aesthetic polished floor options available in the market as of now.

Maintenance for Industrial Polished Concrete

While it is true that industrial polished concrete floors are very durable throughout their lifespan, they still need a bit of maintenance to sustain their value and beautiful aesthetics.

Below, we will talk about the basic tips for maintaining industrial concrete:

  • To keep dirt particles off the floor, dust mop the floor daily, preferably with a microfiber pad.
  • If wet mopping the floor, use an automatic floor scrubber along with a nonabrasive pad to clean large areas. Make sure to have your mops and water clean!
  • Clean stains and spills from the floor immediately so that they don’t get absorbed into the floor’s surface.
  • Do not immediately vacuum or mop the surface after applying the cleaner on a wet floor. give the cleaner adequate time to start breaking down the grime and contaminants.
  • That being said, also make sure the cleaning solution does not stay for too long that it dries on the industrial concrete. Start by cleaning smaller areas first, and move on slowly before finishing the cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Industrial Polished Concrete


  • Easy on the wallet: Since the slab on grade is used for the finished floor surface, you save the costs of installing traditional floor covering materials.
  • Easy to clean: Industrial polished concrete does not attract allergens and dirt, and hence is easier to clean.
  • Long lifespan: Industrial concrete is strong and durable while lasting longer than other flooring options
  • Resistant to foot traffic: You don’t have to spend much money at all for waxing and stripping the floor as industrial polished concrete floors are highly resistant to foot traffic.


  • Hard surface: How strong and durable this floor is can also be seen as a drawback. Since the surface is so hard, it won’t cushion your feet or feel very comfortable after standing on it for long periods.
  • Cold: Another drawback of industrial concrete is that it cannot retain heat too well. This can easily be overcome, however, by embedding radiant heating cables on the floor.
  • Vulnerable to moisture: If industrial polished concrete floors are not properly sealed or finished, they can be quite vulnerable to getting penetrated by moisture, which leads to the growth of mould.

Cost of Industrial Polished Concrete

There is no one-price-fits-all number that we can give you when it comes to the pricing of industrial concrete floors in the UK. There are a couple of factors that influence the pricing:

  • Condition of the floor
  • The surface area of the floor (m²)
  • Type of finish
  • Equipment and machinery to be relocated
  • Execution time

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Why You Should Hire BECOSAN for Industrial Polished Concrete

When you hire Becosan to install your industrial polished concrete floors, you are getting flooring that is:

  • Dust-proof
  • More resistant to abrasion
  • Simpler to clean and maintain
  • Reduced in liquid absorption

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the various case studies, references, and videos from the multitude of clients we serve from industries like e-commerce, retail, textile, food processing, manufacturing, and more, on our website!