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Concrete floor polishing is a no-wax floor treatment.

Thanks to its advantages, concrete floor polishing is a popular floor treatment option in industrial and commercial applications. With outstanding durability and overall performance, concrete polishing is ideal in applications like commercial warehouses, retail, and office facilities.

At BECOSAN®, we specialize in polishing concrete floors in industrial and commercial facilities in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries. Our polishing service produces smooth, mirror-like flooring. Plus, our treatment is durable that we offer a ten-year dust warranty.

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Again, our industrial concrete floor polishing comes with several advantages. This video explains how our polished concrete floor treatment works and its advantages:

Dustproof concrete

Food safety

Longer durability

Easy to clean

Hardest surface

Impact resistant

Abrasion resistant

Lower maintenance

About our concrete floor finishing company

At BECOSAN®, we specialize in polishing commercial and industrial concrete floors in the UK, Europe, and all Anglo-Saxon countries of the world. Our service is restricted to industrial and commercial facilities, where the floors are exposed to intensive use. We offer our service to pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff facilities with surface areas of at least 2,000m2.

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You might be worried about what to expect from concrete floor polishing. Again, polished concrete floors offer different advantages, such as hardness of the surface, which is important in industrial flooring, and a non-slippery surface that cuts back on the rate of accidents in the environment. 

These are a few images of some of our work to give you an idea of what to expect when you hire us as your concrete floor polishing company in the UK, Europe, or any Anglo-Saxon country:

Treatment: Concrete polishing solutions

One thing you want to consider before hiring a concrete floor polishing company near you is the processes involved in their service. You want to know if the processes are ideal for your industrial activities. 

While this doesn’t give a detailed explanation of the processes involved in our polishing service, here is an overview of the major steps:

Step 1: Removing the Micro-Roughness

Old concrete surfaces, even new ones, are usually rough, which is not ideal for polishing. Hence, we start by grinding the surface to remove the micro-roughness of the surface. Grinding the surface also opens its pores to absorb our BECOSAN® Densifier.

Step 2: Densification

Once the surface’s pores are open after grinding, we apply our BECOSAN® Densifier. The purpose of the Densifier is to penetrate the surface and react with the lime present in the concrete substrate. This results in a chemical reaction to acheive a denser concrete surface, which helps bind dust particles, reduce abrasion wear, and make the surface chemical-resistant.

Step 3: Sealing

Sealing is a crucial phase in concrete floor polishing, and the type of finish chosen contributes to the performance of the surface, especially the appearance. As a professional concrete floor polishing contractor, we understand the role sealing plays in floor polishing and find value in water-based chemicals for sealing. 

Unlike film-forming coatings, water-based chemicals penetrate the substrate to produce a high-performance surface ideal for industrial use.

Step 4: Designated finish

After the sealing, comes the finishing phase. The finish gives the polishing processes the final look. At BECOSAN®, we offer three types of finish, and the ideal option depends on the intended use of the floors. With our polishing service, you can choose between Matt-PLUS, Semi-Gloss, and High-Gloss.

Finishing options

Again, we offer three different gloss finish options for our polishing service and the ideal option for a project depends on the requirement of the application. Regardless of the choice of finish, each finish works fine with our BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the floor.

Here are our three finishes and what they offer:


This is the simplest finish and only involves a 2-step procedure. It is ideal for applications where gloss finishing is not a requirement, such as parking areas and spaces.


This is an improved finish option over Matt, and it involves 4 steps. Though it provides more luminosity than Matt, it doesn’t match up with the high-gloss finish.


This is the most popular finish option in concrete.

FAQ : Concrete polishing service

In an industrial setting, the floors are exposed to intensive use, making them prone to deterioration over time. With This, it is important to invest in floor treatment to enhance lifespan. Concrete floor polishing is the best way to go in industrial and commercial spaces. Polishing industrial concrete floors helps strengthen them to withstand impacts from high traffic and hefty machinery.

Polished concrete is ideal in different applications. Because of its benefits, polished concrete floors are commonly found in commercial facilities requiring shiny floors, such as:

  • Large warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Logistics centres
  • Industrial garages
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Showrooms

One benefit of polished concrete floors is their high resistance to slippery, which is not so with wood and tile flooring. With proper installation, polished concrete floors are slip-resistant, reducing the rate of accidents in industrial and commercial facilities.

Polishing a concrete floor requires that the floor is uniform and void of impurities. At BECOSAN®, we understand that the state of the surface influences the final appearance. Hence, we first grind the floors, ensuring they are uniform and smooth. We follow this by applying our BECOSAN® Densifier, which ensures the particles bind together and a hardened surface is achieved.

Cleaning polished concrete floor is easy since one benefit of the treatment is to achieve an easy-to-clean surface. At BECOSAN®, we recommend cleaning polished concrete floors with warm water and a microfiber-style wet mop.
Though applying vinegar or ammonia solution might sound ideal to achieve a thoroughly cleaned surface, we advise shunning this practice. Cleaning polished concrete floors with harsh products will only result in a dull, discolored surface.