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Industrial Concrete Floors, Warehouse Cleaning And Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Concrete Floor

Industrial floor coverings are used from all sides: heavy or light traffic of rolling stock, physical shocks, repeated movements of forklifts, the use of aggressive chemicals or high-pressure washes. Some environments, such as food production plants, pharmaceutical companies, or wastewater treatment plants, require floor surfaces that can also accommodate large temperature variations.

industrial concrete floor
Industrial Warehouse treated with BECOSAN

Industrial concrete flooring must be impervious and slip-resistant to ensure the safety of workers while meeting the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness of different sectors of business activities.

Industrial concrete floor coatings

Industrial flooring is one of the most demanding applications for a high-performance floor. They are an economical and safe alternative to other types of commercial concrete floor systems, such as vinyl, or polished or dense concrete. Industrial coatings provide an even, elastic finish that provides superior resistance to chemicals and stains.

Historically, industrial coatings have incorporated several types of epoxy or urethane coatings that were available in a variety of colors and finishes. Over the last decade, polyaspartic concrete coatings have emerged as an alternative to standard urethane or epoxy type systems.

If you own a business or are a Facilities Manager, it is likely that you have encountered a self-laying epoxy floor in one of the big box stores. Although these options are certainly less expensive than performing the professional installation of concrete flooring, they will generally not last or provide as long an adequate protection surface. The polyaspartic concrete cladding is chosen every day by budget-conscious homeowners looking for floor solutions, a check mark over standard epoxy coatings, and typically installed in a day.

Advantages of Industrial concrete floor coatings

  • Installation in one day and normal use of the premises the next day
  • Customizable colours and textures
  • Superior adhesion to the substrate
  • Excellent durability
  • High resistance to chemicals and stains
  • High adhesion floor solution


Process of installing Industrial concrete floor coatings

Understanding the components of a good floor covering adhesion is critical to ensure a high integrity polyaspartic concrete liner installation.

Following the preparation of the surface, the installer follows a disciplined installation process that is customized according to the layout of the floor and the general requirements of the project. For indoor applications, where VOC and solvent odors must be kept to a minimum, homeowners can choose pure coating systems, which are low in VOCs and have a weak odor. These systems offer durability comparable to standard floor covering applications, but they emit no strong odors or VOCs.

In general, the premises may return to normal use of the facilities within 24 hours after the final screed is applied.

Polished concrete: a surface that attracts attention

In addition to being aesthetically brilliant, Polished concrete is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The trolleys leave no trace on this surface. You will be pleased with its anti-dust and anti-slip properties, even when the floor is wet. This environmentally friendly and economical material stands out from other types of coatings by its superior durability.

Advantages of polished concrete floors for industrial use

polished concrete
Shinny Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete can be installed in a home, office, store or factory. Thanks to the polishing of the concrete, the ground becomes more resistant to the shock, it guarantees the longevity of a building and is also appreciated by its facility of cleaning. Indeed, because of its polished material, concrete is easy to maintain. Once polished, concrete is a real anti slip and guarantees a safe ground.

In factories and warehouses, waxed concrete is ideal for the passage of forklift trucks or other industrial machines because the contact of the tire does not catch, so there are no traces of wheels that can be found on other types of coatings. Concerning the polishing of concrete in the house, it is necessary to know that the polished concrete is compatible with a system of heating on the soil.

The Treatment

Diamond sanding

This method makes it possible to sand all the irregularities of the ground, in particular by removing the coatings affixed previously. This technique removes the friable parts of the concrete surface, the milt from the concrete, to expose the underlying layer which is stronger and more resistant.

The application of a hardener densifier

A densifier will then be applied over the entire surface to reinforce the concrete. This lithium-based product allows the soil to withstand heavy traffic and calcium residues.


To erase the sanding marks and achieve the desired gloss level (satin, semi-gloss, lustrous and high gloss), the floor will be polished several times. (Grinding with 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 grain resin diamonds). The higher the number of polishes, the more the surface will become shiny, reflect the light and the more impurities and traces will be prevented from adhering to it.

A colorful floor

The polished concrete can be declined in a multitude of colors or reasons to adapt to all the decorations. From bright colors to more classic shades, the customer is spoiled for choice.

At the application stage of the densifier, a semi-transparent coloration will be added to the product. The result is amazing. The floor is slightly tinted, while enjoying the raw beauty of concrete subjacent.

In addition to color, the depth of sanding plays an aesthetic role. By revealing more or less the amount of stone exposed in concrete, you can create all kinds of effects and transform an environment.

concrete floor colour red

Cleaning of concrete floor

Resistant, seamless and non-porous, the concrete floor offers an excellent seal that facilitates its maintenance. Smooth, the coating is easy to maintain, but it is advisable to use products adapted not to damage the coating and ensure its life. For the maintenance of a polished concrete floor, it is possible to pass a first broom, vacuum cleaner wipes attached to a broom for the most equipped. This first step should remove most of the dust and visible dirt. Then comes the stage of true washing and attention, there are many risks:

Any use of wire brush or abrasive is banned to avoid damaging the coating by scratching or scratching.

warehouse cleaning

Many maintenance products must never be used: ammonia, bleach, soda crystals, black soap, aggressive household products. In fact, these products can damage the concrete floor or the finishing resin used to protect the coating.

To summarize, a simple mop or mop is sufficient to avoid applying too much water. Regarding the cleaning products for your concrete floor, there are maintenance products dedicated to stone/marble surfaces, if the polished concrete floor does not have additional wax protection. If a layer of protective wax is present on the concrete floor, maintenance products with neutral pH or soap water are sufficient to restore the coating to its satin and smooth appearance.

In a bathroom, garage or kitchen, the concrete floor is subject to wet conditions and requires perfect sealing. Between the grease stains of a garage or sauces on a worktop, the risks of tasks are numerous for a polished concrete floor. Many protection solutions exist like waxes to protect your soil and avoid stains, soiling and mold formation. In the context of a waxed concrete floor outside, there are waxes dedicated to outdoor use.

Protection against scratches

Like any floor covering, waxed concrete is subject to rubbing loose furniture, risks of punching, falling heavy objects or attacks of heels. If you cannot do anything against falling objects, heel strokes, there is a very simple way to prevent the deterioration of your waxed concrete floor by placing good quality pads with a strong adhesive under the set of feet of your furniture, tables, and chairs.

About once a year, if the protective coating shows signs of weakness, it can be stripped with a suitable product to remove the coating and apply a new one. Next, apply a new coating protection wax. This renovation of the waxed concrete floor is a delicate step that should be entrusted to a professional.

Learn how you can make your concrete floor easy to clean with a BECOSAN treatment

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

The industrial cleaning is not just an activity performed to leave the more presentable environment, or to show customers that the company cares about that, but also a safety issue, offering employees a better working environment, within hygiene standards that allow the performance of any activity without risks to the health and physical integrity of those who are working.

industrial cleaning equipment

Performing industrial cleaning is to do the sanitation and disinfection of all equipment used, eliminating not only metal residues and accumulation of any kind of dirt, cleaning both visible and unseen dirt, but that can harm the health of employees.

The cleaning equipment, perform a mechanical action, which was previously performed by human effort, which resulted in low productivity and could not achieve a uniform standard of quality.

Floor cleaning equipment: Depending on the environment, the size of the area to be cleaned, the type and volume of the dirt, you choose the type of cleaning equipment, whether vacuum cleaners, electric sweepers, mechanical sweepers, or cleaning.

Floor washing equipment: For cleaning the internal or external floors, mechanization options are industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure washers, and floor washer dryers, as well as manual cleaning equipment such as buckets with squeegees, water mop, the flat water mop with attached dispensers, etc.

We always recommend Kaercher or Tennant.

The washers wipe the floor with a brush or scott-brite disc with the aid of the detergent suitable for each type of floor and dirt, the washer dryers also with the advantage of washing and already suck the water with the dirt. The high-pressure washer washes by the impact of water on the surface. All are cleaning equipment that mechanizes activities, reducing the consumption of water, chemicals, and workforce.

Follow our post if you wanna know more about industrial cleaning equipment.

Types of industrial cleaning equipment

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for factory, shop, warehouse cleaning, etc. Offers on this type of cleaning equipment are varied regarding power, sizes, etc. What are the elements that come into play when comparing offers? First, you will need to identify the category of industrial vacuum cleaner you need:

  • The industrial vacuum cleaner for water and dust: to suck both liquid and solid particles.
  • The industrial injector-extractor vacuum cleaner: used for cleaning carpets and rugs.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner for sweeping
  • The industrial vacuum cleaner for chips: often recommended in the field of carpentry.

The monobrush

The machine is equipped with a circular brush capable of turning at a brisk pace. Between 200 and 400 revolutions per minute. One of the major advantages of such equipment is that the different brushes that can be used to allow different cleaning operations: sweeping and washing or even scrubbing. Because, in fact, the rotational power of the brushes makes it possible to eliminate the most important tasks. There is a range of accessories that can adapt your machine to the different types of floors that you have to treat: hard floors, concrete, carpets, etc.

The sweeper

The Sweeper is an automatic broom. As with conventional brooms, it’s about collecting waste and dust. Depending on the kind of waste you have to assemble, the bristles or brushes of the sweeper should be different. More or less flexible, more or less dense.

There are different modes of propulsion on this type of cleaning machines: towed so positioned behind a machine, freestanding or manual. For example, for areas less than 200 square meters, opt for a manual industrial sweeper. For areas over 1000 square meters and more, prefer an industrial sweeper at least motorized. The sweeper auto reach will be useful only for really important of more than 2000 square meters.

Allowing the cleaning, maintenance, and addition of small and large indoor or outdoor surfaces, sweepers are hygiene and cleanliness equipment that ensure a fast and reliable sweep while respecting the surface of the ground: self-propelled, self-propelled or manual.

The industrial auto washer

Industrial scrubbers are useful for quickly and efficiently cleaning large stores, factories, communities, businesses and parking lots. This machine consists of two bins, one filled with detergent and water; the other intended to recover the waste. The floors are cleaned with brushes. The industrial washing machine allows cleaning, polishing and drying floors in one and the same passage which makes this industrial cleaning equipment a favorite, especially with supermarkets that are brought to receive public streaming.

professional cleaning machine

The major benefits of using industrial cleaning equipment are efficiency. The instrumentation of the cleaning equipment with steam, high pressure, high temperature, force, and abrasion raises the quality of the service because nobody can be as efficient as the machines.

Unlike cleaning professionals, the equipment can work for uninterrupted hours without reaching exhaustion. For a extensive and time-consuming cleaning, it is possible to change the operator and continue the service with the same equipment. Also, the machines do the work in very reduced time compared to the manual result. Better, faster and no need for breaks!


Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses are usually places of work or storage where, in general, care should be taken to ensure that everything works well, that there is safety for the workers and that it leads to an increase in worker productivity. Well, the reality, with few exceptions, is not this and often the most basic safety conditions are called into question because the accumulation of waste increases the risk of fire and facilitates its propagation.

cleaning concrete floors

The cleaning and maintenance routines created by the team or people who use the warehouse have long been regarded as important quality measures in warehouse management, and cleaning can improve this level of quality.

If there is no quality in cleaning and maintenance people outside the warehouse will have the idea of the sloppiness of the people who manage and work in the warehouse. So good maintenance and cleanliness will make a great impression on visitors, create an organized and clean workplace (where workers feel good), decompress security, improve control of breakdowns and hygiene.

Cleaning a warehouse is not a task like cleaning a dwelling. There is a lot more room to clean, lots of heavy equipment to handle and move from the site and this complicates everything. Not to mention the specific industrial degreasing and washing equipment.

Cleaning of interior and exterior warehouse

This is a specialized task and implies, not only the interior cleaning of the warehouse but also the exterior. These are processes that must be done correctly and therefore; professional cleaning services are often chosen because they guarantee knowledge, experience and possess the necessary equipment for the task. More importantly, before you clean the warehouse, you have already defined policies to protect workers and warehouse contents.

Professional cleaning equipment

Some of the equipment that may be used by cleaning professionals:

  • Purifiers of energy;
  • Energy scavengers;
  • Feeding Purifiers (which will be used in the toughest stains in concrete)
  • Pressure washers;
  • Energy washers;
  • Power sweepers;

However, for their cost, these equipment are very expensive to be acquired by someone other than a company. If you do not want to hire a company when cleaning a warehouse, make sure that:

  • Ensure minimum quality in the cleaning of each warehouse area;
  • Check the safety, quality, and validity of the cleaning products used;
  • Chemical liquids are cleaned with the correct detergents;
  • Maximize products and processes that could damage structures or coatings, weaken or cause erosion in the structure of the warehouse;

When you have the warehouse clean, do not forget that maintaining this is critical for your business partners and vision they have of you.

high brihgtness industrial floor

As warehouses are usually tricky to clean, hiring a professional will free you from headaches. Safety, hygiene, knowledge, etc. All aspects will be ensured, with the guarantee that they will have the right equipment and will be able to assist you in the best way possible.

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