Industrial warehouse cleaning

Industrial warehouse cleaning is an essential activity. The main goal for industrial cleaning is to establish an optimal working environment, which is characterized by being hygienic, salubrious and healthy.

Despite the fact that the industrial warehouse cleaning tends to be underestimated, being applied irregularly or omitted, it is part of the industrial maintenance work that will allow it flooring to reach the end of its operational life spam.

Why the industrial workspace should be kept clean

First of all, an industrial workspace must be kept clean to avoid infractions and fines for noncompliance of the regulations contained in the health and safety legislation.

Industrial warehouse cleaning is also necessary to ensure order and organization within a business. It’s ideal for optimizing activities, as it minimizes the waste of time, materials and resources.

Industrial cleaning of warehouses

Dust, grease and chemical residues can compromise the quality and integrity of the materials stored on the shelves. Furthermore, they seriously affect the staff’s health.

In a clean workspace, workers can thrive in good health, ventilation and cooling systems will function efficiently, and activities will progress correctly.

What are the most important areas within an industrial warehouse?

The spatial division of a warehouse can vary from one industry to another, however, they all follow a basic spatial model that evolves according to the specialty of the industry.

Each area from the division of an industrial warehouse has a particular relevance (due to its hierarchy), which corresponds to the function it performs and the use it receives.

When cleaning a warehouse, the most important areas are those where there is more machinery and pedestrian traffic, since in these areas, the probability of accumulating dust and dirt is higher, as well as the risk of lung diseases.

In this way and from a general perspective, these are the most important areas of an industrial warehouse:

  • Administrative building.
  • Storage areas.
  • Areas of productive activity.
  • Loading and unloading platforms.

Chemicals and materials mostly used for cleaning industrial warehouses

Modern cleaning is a maintenance that applies certain techniques, which combines the purifying effectiveness of chemicals with the energetic mechanism of equipment and materials, in order to eliminate residues, stains and dust from the floor.

Warehouse interior cleaning

The current repertoire of chemical products is very varied, since they can fulfill various cleaning functions. However, the most used are:

  • Degreasers
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Polishers
  • Foams
  • Detergents
  • Strippers
  • Ozone
  • Chemical whiteners

On the other hand, amongst the materials (equipment and machines) used in cleaning industrial buildings, the following stand out:

  • Sweepers: manual, electronic or gasoline powered motor.
  • Vacuums: its mechanical system sucks up dust and liquids.
  • Scrubbers: manual or with an electro-mechanical mechanism. They can have disk brush or roller brush.
  • Industrial cleaning buckets.
  • Pressurized water jets: electro-mechanical equipment used to remove highly adherent flaws.

Cleaning helps prevent the need for rehabilitating industrial buildings

Cleaning is the simplest maintenance of an industrial warehouse, which facilitates preserving the aesthetics and integrity of its floor, increasing the probability that they will reach the end of their operational life spam.

This cleaning can be supported by the implementation of a cleaning system for forklift truck wheels, which function as disinfectant mats.

In addition, industrial cleaning allows to renew the working atmosphere, eliminating accumulated dust, which is harmful to the human body.

Thanks to the fact that industrial cleaning favours a floors good condition, it avoids having to resort to renovations to eliminate possible global deterioration in the structure. This implies significant savings, not only monetary, but also in time and resources for the industry.

On the other hand, if the industrial building is already in a worse situation, you may be interested to know more about our refurbishment service dedicated to this sector: warehouse floor repair.

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