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Floor cleaning machines | What are the most efficient industrial cleaning machines?


When cleaning industrial floors, it’s very common to use industrial cleaning machines such as high-pressure washers or industrial scrubbers, sweepers and vacuum cleaners.

If you have an industrial warehouse or logistics center, these industrial cleaning machines cannot be missing in your facilities.

High pressure cleaners

With high pressure cleaners you can eliminate almost any kind of stain and reach every corner, whether on the floor or even on walls and roofs.

There are many types and models, here we list the most basic ones:

  • Cold water high pressure cleaners.
  • Hot water high pressure cleaners.
  • Ultra-high pressure cleaning system.
  • Stationary or fixed high pressure cleaners.
Pressure cleaning equipment

High pressure equipment has the following disadvantages:

  • They need to be connected to the water and electricity supply.
  • Water must be collected after cleaning.
  • High pressure can cause the deterioration of surfaces.
  • Water may splash into areas or objects that should not get wet .

Scrubber driers

This is the most used system in industries and large surfaces to clean floors.

When it comes to cleaning, the fact that it collects water in the same instant makes it the most convenient cleaning system. In addition, the floor remains clean with one or more passes.

This is where a good floor is different. If the concrete floor absorbs liquids, the machine will have to run more passes and use more water to achieve the same result as, for example, a single pass on a marble floor.

For this reason it is essential to have a treated and dustproof polished concrete floor that is easy to clean.

There are two types of scrubbers driers, which differ in terms of how they are operated:

Cleaning Dust From The Floor
  • Walk behind scrubber driers
  • Ride-on scrubber driers

We mentioned three well-known brands that we trust:

Here are three well-known brands we trust:

  • Kärcher
  • Nilfisk
  • Tennant

Special brushes for concrete

In addition to using specific machinery for cleaning industrial floors, it is always advisable to use different types of brushes or products for different floors.

It is highly recommended to use deepEX® Power Brush. It is specially designed for scrubber driers, for industrial floors and does not require the use of products or chemicals.

Industrial sweepers

Industrial sweepers are essential in large public or private spaces, to remove dirt quickly and efficiently.

Industrial sweepers offer many benefits, although we can highlight the fact that it’s much more efficient than the traditional method (broom and dustpan) and that it allows to sweep, collect and clean simultaneously.

Industrial Sweeper
Sweeper in an industrial warehouse | Source:

Any enterprise that needs to clean its facilities on a daily basis needs an industrial sweeper, if it wants to maintain standards of sanitation and cleanliness.

In addition, you save the cost of outsourcing a cleaning company, because your own employees can use them at the end of the day.

“When it comes to cleaning industrial spaces, an industrial sweeper meets all expectations.”

However, if we want to achieve an optimal state of cleanliness, it is necessary that they the sweepers are used by trained and prepared employees.

Moreover, each model and brands have their own peculiarities in performance and quality, so the training of employees must depend on the model and brand, not the type of machinery.

Industrial sweepers incorporate 2 brushes at the front that perform a rotating movement, moving the debris to the lower part of the machinery, where there is another brush that attracts the dirt to the storage tank.

Industrial Sweeper Machine
Large industrial sweeper with 2 front brushes | Source:

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Another machine which is widely used in cleaning industrial buildings are vacuum cleaners. Although it may seem more like a domestic appliance, they have evolved over time and have “undergone” modifications that have allowed their use in larger spaces.

“Nowadays, an industrial vacuum cleaner is a robust, ergonomic cleaning tool with greater durability and capacity.”

Industrial vacuum cleaners are used to clean all kinds of floors: end-of-work cleaning, workshops and factories, etc.

Among the main characteristics of industrial vacuum cleaners, we find that they can suck up both dust and liquids.

Industrial Vacuums
They are capable of wet and dry cleaning.

INDUSTRIAL vacuum cleaners must have a higher suction power than a normal one, therefore, their power can reach up to 1500 W.

They can weigh up to 7 kg with a tank of about 30 liters. Imagine what it can weigh after cleaning!

Characteristics Of Industrial Hoovers
WIELAND Industrial Vacuum Cleaner | Source:

This is the standard type of an industrial vacuum cleaner, however, each brand has many models with different peculiarities.

In addition, they are not very noisy, as they’re designed with good materials to avoid noise pollution.

Most of those for sale already have a green energy consumption certificate and can work on wet or dry floors.


If you want to reduce the costs of cleaning industrial flooring and, at the same time, make cleaning easier, you can attack at the root cause of the problem by opting for a polished concrete floor treated with the BECOSAN® system.

Clean Polished Concrete Floor
Clean polished concrete floor | BECOSAN®

We hope you have found in this article all the information you need on industrial cleaning machines. These are the machines that, in our opinion, cannot be missing in any industrial warehouse that wants to have its facilities in perfect condition.

Of course, at BECOSAN® we are at your disposal to help you make a decision. You can leave us a message through the contact form or call us directly.

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