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Floor cleaning machines | What are the most efficient industrial cleaning machines?

Industrial cleaning of large surfaces present specific problemsaccording to the type of industrial floor used.

Concrete floors are currently the most used due to their cost and properties, however they have some disadvantages that we detail below.

As a polished concrete company, in this article we tell you the best practices to keep your concrete floor clean and dust free, whether for logistics centers, warehouses, workshops, garages, etc.

High pressure cleaners

With high pressure cleaners you can eliminate almost any kind of stain and reach every corner, whether on the floor or even on walls and roofs.

There are many types and models, here we list the most basic ones:

  • Cold water high pressure cleaners.
  • Hot water high pressure cleaners.
  • Ultra-high pressure cleaning system.
  • Stationary or fixed high pressure cleaners.

Here’s a link to Kärcher’s on the subject of high pressure cleaning.

Pressure cleaning equipment

High pressure equipment has the following disadvantages:

  • They need to be connected to the water and electricity supply.
  • Water must be collected after cleaning.
  • High pressure can cause the deterioration of surfaces.
  • Water may splash into areas or objects that should not get wet .

Scrubber driers

This is the most used system in industries and large surfaces to clean floors.

When it comes to cleaning, the fact that it collects water in the same instant makes it the most convenient cleaning system. In addition, the floor remains clean with one or more passes.

This is where a good floor is different. If the concrete floor absorbs liquids, the machine will have to run more passes and use more water to achieve the same result as, for example, a single pass on a marble floor.

For this reason it is essential to have a treated and dustproof polished concrete floor that is easy to clean.

There are two types of scrubbers driers, which differ in terms of how they are operated:

  • Walk behind scrubber driers
  • Ride-on scrubber driers

We mentioned three well-known brands that we trust:

Here are three well-known brands we trust:

  • Kärcher
  • Nilfisk
  • Tennant

Special brushes for concrete

In addition to using specific machinery for cleaning industrial floors, it is always advisable to use different types of brushes or products for different floors.

It is highly recommended to use deepEX® Power Brush. It is specially designed for scrubber driers, for industrial floors and does not require the use of products or chemicals.


If you want to reduce the costs of cleaning industrial flooring and, at the same time, make cleaning easier, you can attack at the root cause of the problem by opting for a polished concrete floor treated with the BECOSAN® system.

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