BECOSAN® Protective Sealers

BECOSAN® Protective Sealers

When your concrete floors receive an application of protective sealers for concrete, there will be no more absorption of grease, water and other harmful substances, which can harm the structure of the floor stabs.

Our protective sealers for concrete will extend the lifetime of your floors. The product does not create a surface film, like most other products do. Instead it will penetrate into the concrete and react from the inside. Together with the BECOSAN® Densifier the BECOSAN® protective Sealer will create a hard and durable floor that will resist even very heavy weights: steel wheeled forklift and heavy machinery traffic for example.

Our method of treating concrete floors is approved for just everywhere: Food Preparation and Food Processing areas, Grocery Stores, Food Courts, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential applications.

In contrast to many other products our protective sealers for concrete will help to protect your floors from fading and staining. It’s absolute fantastic for both inside and outside use.

All of our products are environmentally friendly. A very important thing for us. The result of the treatment will always depend on our many years of experiences within the area – something we are proud of – something we want to share and let our costumers take advantages of. We guarantee a result that you will be satisfied with for many many years.

First of all your concrete floors will stay shiny and beautiful, but they will also be cheap in maintenance costs.

Concrete floors do no longer need any other flooring after being grinded, polished and sealed with BECOSAN®.

Our BECOSAN® products are well studied products, created by researchers to make life easier for you. Before concrete floors could be quite “troublemakers”, not only due to the high costs of maintenance but also due to the hazardous to your health (the never-ending dust and allergy problems). Today we have found something, which really makes the whole difference.

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