Lithium silicate densifier | Treatment for concrete

Lithium is a chemical element known to reduce damage to concrete caused by the alkali-silica reaction by penetrating the surface and reacting with the free limes particles.

The word “lithium” is increasingly used in relation to densification of concrete: When we talk about concrete floors, expectations of quality and performance are always higher.

As this is a new treatment that has recently been applied to many types of concrete floors, there is a lot of inexperience and ignorance about lithium as a concrete densifier.

Lithium densifier treatment for concrete
Lithium densifier treatment for concrete | BECOSAN®

What is lithium flooring treatment?

In short, the lithium treatment for concrete floors aims to harden internal molecules of the concrete and create a more resistant and durable concrete surface.

Lithium silicate densifier
Lithium silicate densifier | BECOSAN®

Lithium, as silicate sealer for concrete, is contained in commercially available concrete hardeners which reacts and calcifies with free lime particles in the concrete through a chemical reaction.

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How is silicate densifier is applied to concrete floors?

The application is relatively simple. All you have to do is spray the lithium silicate solution onto the clean surface and then spread it over the surface with a mop to ensure uniform absorption.

Lithium silicate densifier treatment alone does not add much value to the surface. It must be done in combination with a grinding and polishing process of the surface. We recommend that you find out about BECOSAN® treatment, which combines the advantages of lithium hardeners and grinding and polishing of concrete floors.

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