Industrial air purifiers


Njord Air Clean is a Swedish company dedicated to the cleaning and purification of air in working environments, whether in industrial, commercial or office environments.

They have a comprehensive range of industrial air purifiers, extraction points, particle filters and dust collectors.

BECOSAN, in its quest to offer the best quality to its customers, has established close ties with this innovative company in order to offer you a 100% dust-free, 100% clean and 100% safe working environment.

Their flagship product is Njord XP, an all-in-one air purifier and air cleaner. The Njord XP was developed with the aim of combining a compact design with maximum filtration, and the option to adapt the filter according to the filtration requirement.

Thanks to its compact design it can be adapted to any type of installation, and the filter surface area has been maximised by taking the air through two openings. This is made possible by the choice of a double suction radial fan, which offers higher performance in a smaller space.

njord clean filtro polvo industrial

Two-stage air purification

Njord XP has two stages of filtration in its standard format. The first filter is there to filter out as much dust as possible, mainly large particles, without blocking. The second stage purifies the air as efficiently as possible down to the smallest particles, which are the most dangerous to humans. Which filter is used depends on the situation and your objectives.

General benefits

  • Reduced daily cleaning costs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for machinery.
  • Increased satisfaction of both workers and customers, who receive their products clean.
  • Reduced sick leave and more importantly, a happier workforce.
  • Reduced heating costs as the heat from the air no longer builds up under the roof.
  • Fewer problems with equipment as sensitive machinery parts become clogged with dust.
  • Your facility is always ready for an inspection or an important visit.
Njord filtro de particulas

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