Floor Sealants

Floor Sealants

Floor sealants are a necessity to seal a concrete floor surface to protect and maintain clean your working environment. It’s very important for the outcome of your work, that the surroundings are as clean as possible, and free of dust particles.

The life expectancy of your concrete floors will be effectively increased, when the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer. is applied.

The Floor sealants for protecting against grime will create a barrier against moisture, grease and water based stains, and problems like moss, algae growth. Salt efflorescence will disappear, once the product is applied.


Our product is typically used to close and seal the pores of the concrete surface, which are impossible to repair or close with other floor coatings. The liquid penetrates deep into the surface and protects all porous materials.

With the Floor sealants, your concrete floor will now have the ultimate protection to help maintain clean. Surface floors like that of garages, factories and parkings will now have an increased resistance to oils, grease and stains giving it more aesthetic appearance