BECOSAN® Trowel Polish

If you search the web for BECOSAN® trowel polish, you will find a lot of pictures of beautiful shiny concrete floors, all results of the BECOSAN® system that will make any competitor envious.

The BECOSAN® trowel polish system is able to transform any power trowel into a grinding, polishing and cleaning machine and the BECOSAN® discs are easily attached to the pan of your power trowel with the BECOSAN® power trowel attachment system and it is very easy to fix.

And with this machine and BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer (BECOSAN® system) even the dirtiest, dullest and damaged industrial concrete floor will get a new life.

No other method can compete in neither speed nor quality at this cost-effective price. Your costumers will be happy to know that you can now offer a treatment for 1000+ square meters a day – and happy to know that the surface of the floor will become much more abrasion resistant, dust-free and easy to clean, which will result in a serious reduction in maintenance costs and repair bills after treatment.
And time is money – for you as well. Not only will you be able to do the job at record speed, it will also reduce your labour costs.

Before, you had to do a serious maintenance once a year with a surface-coating like epoxy. It was the most utilized floor solution before the invention of the BECOSAN® system.

But this method isn’t necessarily a very durable way of protecting the floor and it can also be quite expensive to apply. Due to the fact that it is a topical coating, it can start to peel from every little scratch – and BECOSAN® has put in a lot of effort to invent a protection reacting from inside the concrete floor– therefore BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer – and BECOSAN® trowel polish system.

Of course the surface has to be prepared before the application of BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.
This is where the Floor sleeking trowel polish system come into play. Liaise with your customer exactly how glossy they want the floor before you start the application – chances are that they will want it as glossy as you can make it because it looks so good. The polishing work must be done in between the application of the BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer – a high-gloss finish demands a little more polishing with finer diamonds as a medium-gloss finish requires.

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