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Industrial flooring

Seguridad Industrial

Industrial Safety

Industrial safety consists of a series of regulations and methods used to protect each worker in an industrial building, minimizing the risk of the activities

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Compactando hormigón

Compacted concrete

When evaluating industrial floors, all options that are suitable for the needs of each project should be considered, obviously taking into account economic and durable

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Last projects

Concrete densifiers, do they work?

Do concrete densifiers really help floors reduce wear?

Concrete is hard, but not always resistant enough. Some concrete floors wear prematurely. To make them last longer, the market offers a wide range of products, including concrete densifiers, sealers and concrete additives.

What are concrete densifiers?

Densifiers are a liquid substance used to impregnate concrete, generating a chemical reaction that compacts and hardens it. At BECOSAN® we combine the use of our last generation densifiers with a polishing process with diamond discs to improve the performance of industrial floors.

But the question is: Do these solutions work on concrete?

BECOSAN® densifiers work as follows:

  1. Due to its cementitious composition, concrete contains lime particles (calcium carbonate). With abrasion the lime is released from the concrete, leaving a layer of dust on the surface.
  2. Every concrete surface has pores that weaken it.
  3. BECOSAN® densifiers are designed based on lithium silicate. The lithium silicate ions penetrate through the pores of the concrete inside and trigger a molecular reaction with the minerals. The lime present in the concrete is unified, compacting the surface and eliminating lime migration to the surface.

The chemical reaction between lithium silicate ions and free lime is undisputed, as it is scientifically proven.

All BECOSAN® products have been developed under high quality standards and certifications. We have been manufacturing solutions for polished concrete floors for more than 10 years and we rely on our experience to continuously improve our solutions.

Find below some photos of a concrete floor treated two years ago that preserves the appearance of the first day.

Moreover, it is unnecessary to say that concrete densifiers do not replace the proper maintenance of an industrial floor.


Two-year-old concrete floor treated with BECOSAN® Densifier concrete hardener.

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