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Concrete floor benefits

fratasadora puliendo hormigon

Due to its hardness, resistance and possibilities, polished concrete is one of the best flooring solutions. And BECOSAN® is one of its references in industrial concrete floors.

Concrete is a commonly and widely used material, and polishing is one of its main and most widespread application techniques.

It is a material easy to apply and offers very good characteristics at a low cost. This is why it has been and is one of the most used materials both in industry and for domestic use, especially for flooring.

If you want to know more about polished concrete and its uses we recommend this article, where we talk about other aspects of polished concrete.

It is increasingly common to find concrete floors in interiors and places where marble slabs, stone tiles, etc. would previously be installed. This is due to the fact that treated polished concrete has a higher aesthetic and performance than conventional concrete.

These characteristics make polished concrete one of the best options for industrial flooring, it is valid for almost any type of industrial activity.

Next, we will try to explain the difference between what we know as basic or normal concrete, polished concrete and treated polished concrete. In addition, we show you the main advantages of treated industrial polished concrete floors.

Suelos de hormigón tratado con BECOSAN hace 2 años.
Concrete floors treated with BECOSAN® 2 years ago.

Difference between polished concrete and normal or conventional concrete

The main difference between a normal or unpolished concrete floor and a polished concrete floor are the following:

Raw concrete floors:

With this we want to refer to the most basic concrete that exists and that is sometimes used to pave old dirt roads or repair a sinkhole.

  • Rough appearance.
  • Dust is generated with time and wear.
  • Absorbs any liquid that falls to the ground.
  • Depending on the quality, you can observe the pebbles.
  • Low commercial use.

Polished or normal concrete floors:

Polished concrete is also known as troweled concrete. After pouring the concrete, a process of troweling or polishing is carried out with so-called „power-trowels” which are troweling machines that make the concrete floor flat and as smooth as possible.

hormigon pulido
  • Flat appearance.
  • It keeps generating dust.
  • Absorbs liquids due to its porosity.
  • Limited uses in general to exteriors with few requirements.

Treated polished concrete floors

Here the polishing of the floor is combined with concrete sealers and concrete densifiers, ending with a polishing process with diamond discs.

hormigon pulido tratado
  • Dustproof concrete floor.
  • Difficult penetration of liquids which means reduced maintenance cost.
  • Gloss can be chosen depending on needs.
  • Increased life span.
  • Concrete ready for any industrial and non-industrial use.

Savings in maintenance costs

This is the main reason why both large and small companies decide to use polished concrete as a floor. Concrete already requires a lower initial cost compared to epoxy coatings or other types of PVC slab systems, etc.

Time is money

As the floor has characteristics that minimizes liquid absorption and creates less dust and wear, it takes less time to keep it clean.

Normally, three basic elements are needed to clean a floor: time, work and water. It is not the same to invest 500 hours a year in floor maintenance as 200 hours. All that this involves in human capital, water expenditure and maintenance and wear of the cleaning machines.

An almost indestructible material, which is reinforced with the passage of time

Thanks to the amount of finishes in which this floor can be finished, polished concrete is a practically eternal material.

Withstand the heaviest loads, the attack of the elements (air, rain, snow) when placed outdoors and a host of other conditions that could end the integrity of virtually any material, not just other types of floors.

The life span of polished concrete is very long and therefore offers the durability you expect for spaces that suffer heavy wear, such as parking lots or any industrial area.

Concrete is a material that is in a continuous hardening process that lasts for years. This is not functionally appreciable because after a few months of initial hardening it obtains its characteristics. The curing process can cause cracks and dust in the concrete. Therefore, a treatment for proper hardening and sealing is very important.

These floors are ideal for storing heavy loads where other materials cannot offer the planimetry of concrete.

In fact, it is one of the best options for not having to worry about your floor in years.

Polished concrete floor to the next level

Diamond tools, hardeners and sealants specially designed to increase the properties of concrete. Polished concrete, as we have seen, is a first-class material for industrial use, but sometimes more features are required. A Becosan finish, provides the soil with unique characteristics.

  • Dust-proof floor
  • Increase the abrasion and rolling resist
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Custom brightness

This is achieved by a mechanical polishing process with different grains, and adding lithium hardener, the result is an industrial surface ready for any use.

Treatment for polished concrete

As we mentioned before, this treatment is essential when we talk about polished concrete, it is like buying a car without air conditioning, it is possible, but not recommended.

This treatment uses diamond tools, concrete densifiers and concrete sealers, specially designed to improve the properties of the concrete. The patented BECOSAN® system makes this possible, and provides the floor with the following characteristics:

  • Stops permanently dust formation with wear.
  • Increases abrasion and rolling resistance.
  • Minimizes the absorption of liquids.
  • Custom floor gloss.
hormigon pulido con juntas
Even old concrete floors with joints can be treated.

This is achieved by a mechanical polishing process with different grits and the addition of a concrete densifier. The result is an industrial surface ready for any use.

Would you like more information on the treatment of concrete floors for industrial use?

We are a company specialized in the polishing of concrete and renovation of industrial surfaces.

We offer service all over the world, through our network of certified applicators and partners. We are characterized by the professionalism and quality of our finishes.

Large companies trust us, ask us for references.

We hope to have clarified your doubts regarding the difference between concrete and polished concrete. You can leave us a comment or write us about your particular case.

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