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BECOSAN® Sealants for polished concrete

It’s very important to choose the right sealants for polished concrete. You will be most satisfied with a sealant that doesn’t form a surface film but instead penetrates into the concrete and reacts from the inside. With a surface film your floor becomes slippery – with BECOSAN sealants it doesn’t.

Before the invention of BECOSAN® sealants you had to treat you concrete floors with wax. That wasn’t a very good solution, but it was the only method, and it had to be done several times a year. BECOSAN® sealants for polished concrete are odorless, water based environ friendly (it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use). Your concrete floors will be protected against water, oil, soda, citrus and other penetrating stains.

Your concrete will preserve its natural appearance – our sealants are colorless and non-yellowing. Of cause you can choose a decoration and color for your concrete floor, but the sealants have nothing to do with it.

Sealants for polished concrete will give your floor a “long life”. You will no longer need to spend a lot for money for repairing and maintenance. That’s very interesting! With an untreated concrete floor you can clean and clean…. –

and clean, and it will always look the same. You will never regret it (we guarantee) if you ask “Floor sleeking” to grind, polish and treat your concrete floors with BECOSAN hardeners and sealants for polished concrete.

One day occasionally most people are going to make an accident on their floors – perhaps some liquid of a kind. If the concrete hasn’t been treated with a sealant, there will be an ugly stain, difficult to make disappear. But when your floors have been treated with sealants by our experts, no liquids, no dirt, will be able to penetrate the surface. Your floors will stay beautiful and shiny, no marks or stains. You will be able to clean up the liquid with just some water and perhaps some mild soap.

For further information about the BECOSAN products and how “Floor sleeking” is working, please go on our website. If you prefer to get the answers of your questions, talking to somebody, please contact our consultants.

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