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BECOSAN® Protective Sealer

BECOSAN® Protective Sealer can help you to get rid of all the problems concrete floors can bring into your daily life. The never-ending dust and dirt.

First of all you must contact our experts and ask them to prepare your concrete floor. You cannot use BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, if you have “forgotten” the preparation process. Once the sleeking steps have been completed by “Floor sleeking”, BECOSAN® Densifier is applied on the polished concrete by our technicians in order to make the concrete dense and harder.

And then as a final thing we are going to apply BECOSAN® Protective Sealer – both Densifier and Protective Sealer are going to penetrate into the surface and react from the inside instead of creating a film. Sealers forming a protection film must be applied at least one time every year – BECOSAN® Protective Sealer only once.

Sealers reacting from the inside minimize the absorption of greases, oil and chemicals. Before your concrete floor was quite a nightmare – after the treatment you will no longer think about it as a problem.

Before your concrete floor was a dust collector. This high technology product provides a beautiful easy-to-clean floor with no need of another floor covering. One of the reasons why it definitely is the best and cheapest way to renovate or treat old and new concrete floors.

The maintenance cost has become very low. Anyone can clean it now with a mob, some water and some mild soap. That’s indeed money-saving!

Today many professionals choose BECOSAN®-treated concrete floor for absolutely everywhere: museums, airports, hospitals, stadiums, sports arenas, refineries, chemical processing facilities, industrial plants and warehouses… Researches have proved that people suffering from dust allergy feel much better in places, where the concrete floors have been treated with BECOSAN® products – and by the same time have become dust free.

And “Floor sleeking” only uses green solutions. We are not interested in making compromises, when there are talking about protecting Nature. Please call us for more information.

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