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You are probably here because you have problems with cleaning your floor. Many types of floors exist in the industry today. Concrete floors are currently

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Limpiar suelo de hormigón

How to clean a concrete floor

Cleaning a concrete floor is a necessary activity in most industrial buildings. Concrete is a porous material, susceptible to staining and abrasion caused by chemicals.

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Do you know the advantages of polished concrete?

Due to its hardness, resistance and possibilities, polished concrete is one of the best options for flooring. And BECOSAN® one of its references.

Polished concrete is a well-known material that has been used for a long time by many companies and for different purposes.

It is common to find it as a covering of interior spaces, and it is not for less, since precisely thanks to its numerous characteristics, advantages and benefits it adapts to a multitude of sites in which a resistant and durable pavement is needed.

It is for this same reason that more and more companies are betting on paving their facilities with this material, of which BECOSAN®  is one of the main references and promoters.

Let’s see some of the benefits of using polished concrete to cover floors of large surfaces, both indoor and in places that are outdoors.

Two years old treated with BECOSAN®
Two years old treated with BECOSAN®

Cost savings, its main quality

The main reason why large companies decide to pave with this material the different surfaces that require it is its price. Not only the saving in costs when doing the paving, but also in questions of time, since in the medium and long term, there is a very reduced maintenance that contributes to lower the price even more.

The useful life of polished concrete is very long and, therefore, offers the durability you expect for spaces that suffer a lot of wear, such as parkings, or any industrial area.

Polished concrete is also highly resistant and waterproof. This is a great advantage over other types of floors, because thanks to these qualities offered the liquids do not filter or deteriorate the surface underneath, always leaving it in a perfect state of protection.

Even the most aggressive products, which often cause damage to other pavements, do not pose a risk in this case, demonstrating once again their durability and reliability.

Last but not least, it should be noted that, if any spillage occurs, it does not absorb stains, so that it can be scrubbed and will again be the same as at the beginning in a fast, simple and above all very practical way for the user, which will avoid headaches in this regard.

An almost indestructible material, which is reinforced with the passage of time

Thanks to the amount of finishes in which this floor can be finished, polished concrete is a practically eternal material.

Withstand the heaviest loads, the attack of the elements (air, rain, snow) when placed outdoors and a host of other conditions that could end the integrity of virtually any material, not just other types of floors.

This factor always makes it the first option to be taken into account when dealing with highly conflictive environments, such as cities in which the storm is complicated on numerous days of the year. Comfort, and reliability for a huge number of years.

Polished  concrete floor to the next level

Diamond tools, hardeners and sealants specially designed to increase the properties of concrete. Polished concrete, as we have seen, is a first-class material for industrial use, but sometimes more features are required. A Becosan finish, provides the soil with unique characteristics.

    • Dust-proof floor
    • Increase the abrasion and rolling resist
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Custom brightness

This is achieved by a mechanical polishing process with different grains, and adding lithium hardener, the result is an industrial surface ready for any use.

Big logistic center treated with becosan dustproof concrete floor
Big logistic center treated with BECOSAN®

Difference between polished concrete and normal concrete.

The main difference between a normal or unpolished concrete floor and another with a polished concrete are the following:

Raw concrete floor:

  • Rough appearance
  • Dust is generated over time and with wear
  • Absorb any liquid that falls to the ground.
  • Depends on the quality you can observe the pebbles
  • It has hardly commercial uses


Smoothed or normal concrete floor:

  • Flat appearance
  • Dusty
  • It wears less than the previous one but suffers wear and generates dust
  • Keep absorbing water, hard to maintain and clean
  • Ready for normal uses, parking, outdoor, etc.


Concrete floor polished and treated.

  • Dust-proof concrete floor
  • Difficulty to the penetration of liquids means reduction of maintenance cost.
  • Desired Brightness depending on the polish process
  • Increase in useful life
  • Concrete ready for any industrial and non-industrial use.



Do you want to learn more about concrete floor treatment for industrial use?

We are specialists in polished concrete flooring both nationally and internationally.

BECOSAN has made many projects for companies of all kinds, which opt for polished concrete floors as the best option for their installations. Big names work with us to enable certain implementations in structures and varied surfaces.

We hope you have been interested in the article, leave us a comment with your questions or tell us what type of soil you have in your industry and whether you are happy with it or not.


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Limpiar suelo de hormigón

How to clean a concrete floor

Cleaning a concrete floor is a necessary activity in most industrial buildings. Concrete is a porous material, susceptible to staining and abrasion

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