Are you considering an epoxy floor as an industrial floor?

An epoxy floor is sometimes a good option, but it is not always suitable and our obligation as industrial flooring experts is to advise you to obtain the best finish for your flooring solution.

We show you the main causes of failure of an epoxy resin floor and an alternative: BECOSAN® polished concrete.

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Reasons for not choosing epoxy

A poor choice of flooring leads to future complications and costly solutions. Things that can go wrong with a resin floor.

epoxi mal estado

Bad preparation.

A strong bond between the new epoxy and the existing floor is essential for proper installation. The existing surface must be roughened for the epoxy to adhere correctly.


Too much moisture.

Excessive moisture can cause a substantially weaker bond between the epoxy and the current floor.

quitando suelo epoxi

Weak substrate.

Sometimes, if an epoxy installation goes wrong it delaminates from the floor. And there's no longer anything to do. This is due to the incompatibility between epoxy paint and the substrate.


Your alternative: BECOSAN®
Treatment for polished concrete floors.

One-time application

Treatment of polishing and sealing. No film-forming impregnations. No future re-applications required.

Easy to clean floor

Due to the hardening and sealing of the concrete pores.

Large surfaces

Treatment for large surfaces in a little time, without interrupting the activity.

100% Dust-free

The generation of dust on the surface of the concrete is eliminated.

Epoxy vs polished concrete

Epoxy floors for industry have very specific uses. A polished concrete finish creates a multifunctional, durable and guaranteed concrete floor for most industrial uses.


Logistics warehouse

Suelo de hormigon con mantenimiento reducido

Industrial facility


Shopping centres

green concrete floor

Food industry

hormigon pulido parking rojo


concrete finish slippery


What is BECOSAN®?

It is a system for the treatment of concrete floors.

Can I treat my floor with BECOSAN®?

We only carry out works for industrial floors. We do not perform domestic work or particular garages. We explain why.

Heavy Machinery

Designed to treat large surfaces in a short time.

Industrial Finishing

Mainly designed to improve the characteristics of the flooring.

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