Profilgate Brushes Clean Tyre Wheels

Forklift wheel cleaning system

Dirty tire marks? There´s an end of it! Innovative Brush mats for forklift tires and pallet jacks

It is a common issue that forklifts and other material handling devices pick up dirt and carry it into clean areas. The first device drops the dirt particles within the first 20 meters on its way through the building, the following vehicles pick it up again and transport it even further into the production area.

Cleaning Tyre Marks Facility

How can this be solved?

Just as every public entrance has a brush mat to clean the shoes, there are special brush “mats” for forklifts, e.g. ProfilGate. This one can reliably clean the tire treads of forklifts due to their high weight absorption and purpose-designed brushes.

Floor Brushes Zoom

Thanks to the flat construction of only 55-65 mm, the system can be installed any time to existing drive ways. While the vehicles drive over the brush system without needing to stop, the tire are automatically cleaned.

The brushed off dirt falls through a grate and is collected in special trays underneath, so following vehicles do not pick up the same dirt again. In order to clean the trays, the grates can be easily removed and the dirt can be taken out with a simple vacuum cleaner.

The manufacturer recommends achieving 3 wheel revolutions on the cleaning system to remove approximately 80% of the dirt. The effectiveness of the system has been scientifically proven by the renowned Fraunhofer institute.

A cleaning that is both: simple and cost-effective

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