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eliminar marcaje industrial

Removal of industrial floor marking

Lines, patches, and signs; these are all elements related to industrial floor marking. This marking is essential to delimit work zones, transit zones and other zones that need to be differentiated in industry.

When repairing and renovating a concrete floor, lines and patches are eliminated, as they are often in bad condition. In any case, the marked areas are not usually very numerous and their elimination is quite simple.

Once all marking has been removed, the grinding and polishing process can start, in order to have a surface ready for any other use.

desbaste epoxi

Industrial floor marking

From the moment that factory procedures began to be automated, when product manufacturing and processing sites began to increase in size and become larger spaces with more complex equipment, an inherent need to define a space for everything emerged.

The simplest practical solution was to delimit each area with lines on the industrial floor, which could well have a permanent character by applying strong paints or other resins that were difficult to remove.

With the implementation of these measures, it was much more deductive to know which space corresponded to each team, through which zones vehicles and workers could transit. This significantly reduced the risk of accidents and with a precise redistribution of space, shelves and work areas, it was possible to optimize the development of activities within the industrial building.

Reasons for marking industrial floors

Beyond the visual organization and the aesthetic touch that delimits each area, each company gives it its own uses depending on their needs.

Delimitation of spaces

These spaces can contain many machines with different purposes, an issue that may even seem confusing to the workers who make up the company, especially novices. A clear and concise delimitation will allow to know which spaces will be dedicated to certain tasks, avoiding misunderstandings and extra work correcting mistakes.

Better mobility

It occurs in industries where an important amount of machinery and vehicles are used. These generally operate at a speed to be considered or carry heavy loads, so they need a permanently clear track for free transit. Placing marking on industrial floors will help considerably with the operation of the vehicles, as well as can be used as a guide to indicate areas of loading and unloading.

Increased security

One of the frequently assigned purposes for these elements is to point out safe and unsafe areas. Even with adequate protection, there are places in any company where it is best not to get too close. Especially if working with very reactive chemicals, where there are very low or very high temperatures, where there are elements that move at high speed or machines that handle enormous weights.

Why use marking of industrial floors?

Faced with the need to place dividing lines in spaces, numerous options will be presented to take into account. From railings, small walls to resins and paintings. Each of the existing systems for dividing spaces has its advantages.

Easy application and removal

One of the aspects that is sought when carrying out refurbishments is to make it fast and simple. This kind of renovations require a lot of time, time which can be used to produce money, so the faster and more effective the installation, the better. Similarly, if an error occurs during application, marking of industrial floors can be removed relatively easily.


Money is one of the most predominant factors when taking into account the decisions of a company. Unlike other methods or materials, it does not require large costs in both materials and labor, since its implementation system is extremely simple.

Remove old lines and patches

When you buy an industrial building or want to make some improvements, the need arises to eliminate the adhesive lines. The procedure does not leave marks on the floor, since it is not necessary to damage the concrete surface, nor will it leave residues on the floor.

Apply new lines and patches

As mentioned above, one of the advantages of using this type of material to mark areas is how easy it is to apply. Lines and patches can be used to demarcate areas for visitors and workers, the space where the equipment is located, the minimum security separation for people to allow traffic of vehicles and machinery.

The implementation of marking for industrial floors in no way affects the integrity of the surface, even, can help with its anti-slip properties, ensuring the safety of the area where it is placed.