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What is a mortar?

Mortar is a homogeneous mixture produced by the union of sand, water and an inorganic conglomerate, which can be lime, plaster or cement. This variability

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Building Owners and BECOSAN®

As a building owner, developer or landlord you are already well aware of the dangers and the hard wear the concrete floor in your building have to withstand under daily use with heavy traffic from fork-lift trucks, heavy-duty machinery and general traffic, all causing severe wear of your floor, meaning that you will face expensive repairs at some stage, and always will be struggling to clean the surface, as untreated concrete floors are almost impossible to clean.

Maybe you have already faced the prospect of having to repair your floor or if not, you can probably imagine that it is not a cheap solution – on top of that you might even have to shut the facility down while the work is ongoing. What effect will that have on your company?

With the BECOSAN® and grinding and polishing process and the use of BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer, you now have the possibility to treat your expensive floors and make them more durable and very easy to clean after treatment. And better yet, it can all be done while your facility is fully operational.

The system works by grinding off the top layer of the concrete floor (the micro-roughness) so that dust particles can no longer settle, and the floor becomes easy clean – something that was not possible before treatment. By using the BECOSAN Densifier, the floor becomes dust proof as the eco-friendly chemical reacts with the free lime within the floor and binds all the particles together.

On top of that you get a floor that is more than 400% stronger because of this chemical reaction, and therefore much more resistant to wear and abrasions. In the end you use the BECOSAN Protective Sealer to protect your floor against stains such as water, oil and grease, as the floor will be sealed off, making penetration of these materials very difficult, leaving your floor looking fantastic for a long time.

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A floor which absorbs liquid is unsightly and difficult to clean. A BECOSAN® floor is more resistant to absorption, giving you a period of time to clean up any spillages.

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