Förbättring av industrigolv med BECOSAN-behandling - 1 800 m2 - Rebice

Förbättring av betonggolv med BECOSAN® poleringsbehandling

REBICE is a leading Spanish company in the manufacture of metal drums and containers.

This concrete floor had porosity and dirt problems, and despite being only 6 months old, you can see in the images the state it was in. This was due to the passage of heavy machinery and the traction of the tyres on the ground.

Thanks to the BECOSAN® treatment, the micro-roughness of the floor is eliminated, the marks are cleaned in the process and a compact and hardened floor with a closed pore is achieved, capable of withstanding the traction of heavy machinery without getting dirty.


Rebice SL


Toledo, Spanien


1.800 m2


rebice before
industrial concrete floor


Marcas De Neumaticos En Pavimento rebice
Suciedad por manchas de neumáticos
Marcas De Ruedas En Pavimento Poroso De Hormigon rebice
Empresa Puliendo Hormigon rebice
Becosan Empresa Especialista Pavimentos Industriales rebice
Diferente Hormigon Mejorado Becosan Hormigon Sin Tratar rebice
Pavimento Hormigon Con Tratamiento De Endurecido rebice
Nave Industrial Micropulido Hormigon Becosan rebice
Textura Hormigon Pulido Grano Visto rebice
Most frequently used industrial floors

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