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What is a mortar?

Mortar is a homogeneous mixture produced by the union of sand, water and an inorganic conglomerate, which can be lime, plaster or cement. This variability

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Surface Preparation Products

With BECOSAN® surface preparation products for concrete floors you only need to get your floors done once in a lifetime. How is that possible? Our surface preparation products for concrete floors will help you to get rid of dust and create an easy to clean surface.

Of course the job needs to be done by experts, but the result will be worth it.

We are using the BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer as surface preparation products to make your concrete floors hard and durable, protected against scratching and peeling. No dust, no scratches, only low and long lasting maintenance results. With scrubber dryers our experts will transform your ugly and dusty concrete floors into beautiful and shiny floors.

No other floors will be able to compete with the concrete floors and the BECOSAN® system, neither in costs nor in result.

Our experts have spent long periods of time researching and designing an ultimate solution against dust and dirt problems, which was a general problem for just a few of years ago.

BECOSAN® surface preparations products for concrete floors can be used both inside and outside the buildings/houses; another reason why more and more building/house owners choose this method.

One of the keywords is durability. Today you will find polished concrete floors in industrial plants and warehouses, storage silos, sewage plants, chemical processing facilities, refineries, and heavy pedestrian floor traffic areas such as civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports, and museums. Yes, the list is never-ending. If you are still in doubt, whether you should go for our products and method, we would like to invite you to go on the web and search on BECOSAN®. You will be completely satisfied, we promise you.

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Floor Sleeking System

BECOSAN® concrete floor sleeking system is the ultimate method to eliminate the micro-roughness, which causes dust clouds. Those, are responsible for health problems, causing damage to items an machinery in storehouses.


Come visit Dinesh Chhabra from BELLOCRETE. Learn more about BECOSAN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x8KEu-dayYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3Y7W2RRnyM

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