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polished concrete floors

Industrial flooring

Mantenimiento Industrial

Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance is the best way to keep an industrial warehouse in good condition. Industrial maintenancealso helps to avoid problems when carrying out daily work

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Limpieza industrial

Types of industrial cleaning

Health is a serious matter within the industrial industry. That’s why cleaning industrial facilities isn’t only limited to keeping the concrete floor in perfect condition,

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Hormigón con fibras de metal en museo marsella

Steel fibre reinforced concrete

Steel fibre reinforced concrete is becoming the preferred alternative to replace traditional mesh reinforced concrete. The reason is that fibres offer remarkable qualities that improve

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A BECOSAN® floor reflects light meaning that lighting levels can be reduced and, hence, energy consumption will be lower and CO2 emissions in buildings are reduced.

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warehouse empty with new renovated concrete floor


Epoxy floors require regular reapplications because of peeling and blistering. Untreated concrete floors crumble and pulverize with wear. Once a concrete floor has benefited from a BECOSAN® treatment the floor will go on and on without further treatment. As yet we do not know exactly how long a BECOSAN® floor will last. We have yet to see one deteriorate!

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