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We create polished concrete floors and we offer a 10 year guarantee.

We carry out polished concrete floors treatments, mainly new industrial floors that require high quality features and finishes.

We also carry out recoveries of existing pavements, epoxy removal and rehabilitation of industrial pavements as a previous step to polishing with our system.

These are some of our results in industrial flooring.

What is BECOSAN®?

BECOSAN® is a unique and patented system for polishing concrete floors. It combines diamond discs with lithium-based liquids to harden and seal the concrete

It is not a simple polishing of the concrete, it is a treatment to improve the characteristics of the pavement.

Main advantages provided to the pavement

Dustproof concrete

Food safety

Durability of the pavement

Ease of cleaning

About our services

We carry out work on all 5 continents through a network of official applicators authorised to work with our system.

We do not carry out domestic work and only work on large areas of more than 1500 square metres.

BECOSAN® is specially developed for industrial and logistic surfaces and industrial activities with an intensive use of the soil.

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