Column protectors

Solutions for the protection of columns against impacts from vehicles and machinery.

Structural Column Protectors

The Need for Column Protectors

The use of column protectors is essential for various reasons, primarily centered around ensuring the safety of workers, preventing damage to equipment, and protecting shelving systems. By installing column protectors, you create a barrier that mitigates the risk of collisions, providing a reliable safeguard against accidental impacts.


In industrial environments where vehicles and heavy machinery operate, column protectors act as a proactive measure, effectively reducing the potential for accidents and injuries. By providing a visible barrier around columns, they serve as a visual cue for drivers, reminding them to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance.


Furthermore, column protectors help preserve the structural integrity of the building. In high-traffic areas such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities, columns often face a higher risk of impact. Without adequate protection, repeated collisions can weaken the columns over time, compromising their stability and posing a significant safety hazard.

Requirements for Column Protectors

When considering column protectors, it is crucial to prioritize quality and safety. While specific regulations and requirements may vary depending on your location, choosing protectors that meet industry standards and are built to withstand impacts is essential.


High-quality column protectors should be designed and manufactured to withstand the forces exerted by vehicles and machinery. Look for protectors that have undergone rigorous testing and certifications, ensuring they can effectively absorb and distribute impact forces without compromising their structural integrity.


In addition to durability, consider the ease of installation and maintenance. Ideally, column protectors should be user-friendly, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. They should also be easily replaceable in case of damage, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous protection.

Types of Column Protectors

Column protectors come in various types, each suited for different scenarios and levels of impact protection. Understanding the available options will help you select the most suitable protector for your specific needs.

Column guards

Low Impact Column Protector

These protectors offer a basic level of protection, providing a physical barrier around columns to absorb impacts and prevent direct collisions. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Column guards pallet racking

Racking Protectors For Industrial Buildings

These column protectors for pallet racks are engineered to safeguard columns in storage facilities. They ensure that accidental impacts from forklifts or other machinery do not compromise the integrity of the racking system or cause damage to stored goods.

Column protection barriers

Column Protection

These columns guards, often referred to as column protection barriers, feature a more robust design. They incorporate additional structural elements to provide enhanced protection against heavier impacts. Barrier-type protectors are commonly used in areas where the risk of collisions is higher.

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Protector De Columnas Para Impactos Debiles .jpg
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Consider the level of impact your columns are likely to face when selecting the appropriate type of protector. For areas with heavy vehicle traffic or machinery operation, opt for protectors designed to withstand strong impacts. In areas with lower risk, protectors designed for lighter impacts may be sufficient.

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