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BECOSAN® is an efficient, cost-effective and proven solution for the warehouse industry with multiple benefits and certifications.

Flooring for industrial buildings must meet a series of functional, aesthetic, and even legal requirements, as well as at the same time offer exceptional quality, and durability.

Currently, there are many different flooring options for industrial buildings, so it is difficult to choose when you´re not well informed or don’t know the characteristics of each type.

However, throughout this article, we will explain everything you need to know about industrial flooring to help you choose the most suitable option for your industrial warehouse.

BECOSAN® is the real and cost-effective solution

BECOSAN® is the optimal solution for industrial flooring renovations dedicated to the warehouse industry. 

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Essential floor characteristics for industrial buildings

Due to the particular conditions to which the floors of the different types of industrial buildings, factories, or warehouses are subjected, it’s true to say that they must have very specific characteristics.

Fire retardant

The material from which it’s made must have fire-retardant characteristics.

Reduced dirt accumulation


A pavement that facilitates cleaning tasks by making them easy and efficient. 

High resistance

A floor must offer full resistance to high temperatures or abrasion due to friction.

Shock absorption

This is fundamental to prevent the appearance of chipping, breakage, or fractures in the floor.


It’s essential that the flooring is non-slip and waterproof, this is the only way to prevent occupational accidents from occurring.

Chemical resistance

They must have excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive substances, such as solvents, which degrade the soil rapidly.

The best flooring for industrial buildings

Industrial floors made of polished concrete are perfect for those industries where there’s high traffic of machinery and people, which can cause potholes, stains, or scratches on the surface.

If the surface isn’t treated carefully, it can become brittle and rough.

Ultimately it becomes damaged, and a damaged floor not only considerably increases the danger of occupational risks, but also makes it difficult to clean grease, oil, and other substances that accelerate its inevitable deterioration.

This is the solution: BECOSAN® TREATMENT

Before And After The Installation Of Polished Industrial Flooring

Before and after polishing concrete | BECOSAN®

How do you improve it? Like this:
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Easier to clean and care for, minimizing resources.

  • Abrasion resistant

It offers great resistance to the weight of heavy machinery and merchandise. This increases its efficiency and lifespan.

  • Does not generate dust

Since it is sealed and hardened, it doesn’t generate dust particles.

Finally, we also offer to finish the treatment with line marking work in warehouse.

Hall Markings

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