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What is a mortar?

Mortar is a homogeneous mixture produced by the union of sand, water and an inorganic conglomerate, which can be lime, plaster or cement. This variability

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Floor Sealer

“Floor sleeking” has many years of experience dealing with concrete floors. Our experts have invented an extremely durable floor sealer for concrete floors.

Before you had to treat your concrete with wax, a non-satisfying way to try to get rid of the many problems the untreated concrete causes.

Today we can help you with all your difficulties. It’s of cause important to remove the unevenness in the surface to eliminate dust production of the concrete slab, before you start to put on any products. In other words your concrete floor needs to be grinded and polished before somebody starts to apply a hardener or a sealer.
After polishing we use BECOSAN® Densifier to make the concrete dense and hard, and then we apply BECOSAN® Protective Sealer for concrete floors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. It looks like a children’s play but it isn’t. You can always see it on the outcome. It’s absolutely a good idea to let the professionals do the work for you.

Once applied properly, it protects your concrete floor against chemicals, oil and grease.

Yes, when it’s correctly made, you only need to get it done once. And it’s important to understand how to make your concrete slip resistant, when the situation demands – that makes sense – otherwise a wet concrete floor indeed can be dangerous.So it’s an art how to create a beautiful appearance of the surface and at the same time how to make it non-slip with floor sealer for concrete floors.

Yes, protecting and properly maintaining a concrete floor demands the right applying of floor sealer for concrete floors. Professional products like BECOSAN® Protective Sealer give you a permanently waterproof concrete. It penetrates deeply into the concrete and creates a barrier against absolutely everything; surface water and negative-side hydrostatic water pressure, road salts, chemicals, oil and grease. Please go on our website and you will understand, how this is possible.

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BECOSAN® Sealants for polished concrete

It’s very important to choose the right sealants for polished concrete. You will be most satisfied with a sealant that doesn’t form a surface film but instead penetrates into the concrete and reacts from the inside. With a surface film your floor becomes slippery – with BECOSAN sealants it doesn’t.

warehouse cleaning


A floor which absorbs liquid is unsightly and difficult to clean. A BECOSAN® floor is more resistant to absorption, giving you a period of time to clean up any spillages.