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All over the place you can find dirty and dusty concrete floors, and he would like to know whether it would be possible to conserve the old floor, or whether he must let somebody put on another floor covering.

Yes, it is possible!

By letting your technicians use the BECOSAN® system and a scrubber dryer they will be able to create a new-looking “marble” floor – which is only an appearance of cause – it is concrete and not marble. Visit BECOSAN® in the web and you will see the amazing beautiful result. This new method of treating old concrete AND new is absolutely the invention of this century.

It gives an appearance never exciting before with any other treatments.

Facilities cleaning and this satisfying outcome of high quality is only a question of using the right products with a scrubber dryer – and of cause having experienced people to do it for the costumer.

Your technicians must clean concrete floors with the BECOSAN® cleaning solution.

We guarantee that this product will remove every kind of stains and dirt.
But this is only the first step, when you want to create these shiny “marble”-floors. It’s is obviously that the client wants to keep his floor beautiful and dust-free.

Your technicians must then make the concrete surface flat and smooth by using the special BECOSAN® grinding and polishing discs – with the highest grit at the end – and then apply BECOSAN® Densifier to make the concrete hard enough to support heavy weights and traffic.

The facilities cleaning, the costumer is asking for, is almost done. The surface only needs to get a final touch with the BECOSAN Sealer in order to make the concrete water, stain and dust proof.

The shiny appearance “the marble look” depends on the final polishing.

The more polishing the more shine.

We’ll invite you to visit our website. With the BECOSAN® system you will now be able to propose a facilities cleaning that all your costumers will be happy with.

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