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Easy to clean with BECOSAN®

It indeed can be easy to clean concrete floors. But of cause you need to get them treated with BECOSAN – a new revolutionary product – a product and a treatment method created by “Floor sleeking”. No dirty floors any longer – no dust and no ugly marks at the concrete surface made by heavy machines.

Yes, “Floor sleeking” has created a new innovative sleeking method, which solve the various problems that you might run into, when you have concrete floors in your garage, retail store, warehouse, office facilities….- even in private homes.

Our experts are able to create for you some harder, smoother and sleeker surfaces – some easy to clean concrete floors, with concrete as the only flooring.

You can see them everywhere – shiny and beautiful concrete floors, often in other colors than grey –

The appearance of a polished concrete floor is more like marble. we do not only do research for the low maintenance but also for the aesthetic. You should go on the web and search on “polished concrete”, and you will be convinced at the very moment.

The durability is amazing, and it has so many cost-saving features.
Before you very often had to add another flooring on your concrete slab. It was absolutely unthinkable to realize a concrete flooring inside a private home. But since the BECOSAN method has been invented the, it has become more and more modern in new and old houses. All other floorings cannot compete either in low maintenance or in beauty.

Please contact our specialists and ask for further information regarding how easy to clean concrete floors can be, after we have been visiting you.

From now on with the BECOSAN treatment you will confirm how easy to clean concrete floors can be, and the level of sheen depends on the degree of reflectivity and shine you desire.

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Epoxy floors require regular reapplication because of peeling and blistering. Untreated concrete floors crumble and pulverise with wear. With the BECOSAN® treatment the harder, dust proof floor will need no reapplication to endure leaving the customer’s processes uninterrupted.

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A floor which absorbs liquid is unsightly and difficult to clean. A BECOSAN® floor is more resistant to absorption, giving you a period of time to clean up any spillages.

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