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What is a mortar?

Mortar is a homogeneous mixture produced by the union of sand, water and an inorganic conglomerate, which can be lime, plaster or cement. This variability

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Dust Proofing

Talking about dust proofing floors we are especially talking about concrete floors with no more dust and dirt. Beautiful shiny floors, treated concrete surfaces, breathable and UV stable – will not yellow, discolor, peel or flake.

From the raw material to the treated product, you will need some professional help. Please contact the BECOSAN®-team or visit our website to obtain more information.
We grind and polish your concrete floors in a very special way with a scrubber-drier using the patented Floor sleeking diamond sleeking discs together with BECOSAN® Densifier AND BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.

If we are going to treat some old concrete floors, they probably need to be cleaned first. No problem! You will see, that your old floors still can be “rescued” to get a new and “youthful” appearance.

The result of our work is indeed but not only due to the many years of experiences, of which you will get the benefit – but is also due to the high qualitative flooring products, invented by our experts through research to ensure excellent properties.

Treated with BECOSAN® your concrete floors, which now have turned into dust proofing floors, have become impermeable to water, oil, grease and dirt of all kinds – low maintenance!

If this still doesn’t convince you, please look at all the compelling images on the web of dust proofing floors.

Today you will be able to find these treated concrete floors just everywhere: in ware houses, retail stores, restaurants, malls, office complexes, food processing plants, dairies, bottling plants, textile & other industrial firms – even in private homes.

Yes, more and more owners choose the BECOSAN® products. Not only the concrete floors become dust free, but they also get very hard – hard enough to resist heavy loads and traffic. And porous concrete in old buildings is transformed to dense concrete.
We guarantee that you will never regret getting your concrete floors treated with BECOSAN®. You probably still have a lot of questions. Don’t hesitate to call us.

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