Durable Industrial Flooring

Durable Industrial Flooring

An application of the product will result in an extremely dense and well-constructed surface of your concrete floors, making them highly resistant to dirt and grime, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Durable Industrial flooring with BECOSAN® Densifier, will increase the extended lifespan of your concrete floors. Correctly applied between grinding steps following the BECOSAN datasheet you’ll achieve a mirror-like finish. BECOSAN is the ultimate solution for homeowners or businesses who won’t go through the expense of a marble or granite floor, but want an easy to clean, aesthetic floor

A polished and treated concrete floor is a Durable Industrial flooring with BECOSAN® Densifier. An increasing number of architects and engineers suggest this method to their customers for a solution to create an easy to clean surface. Once treated the floor will only need to be maintained with occasional damp mopping or buffing with a neutral pH floor cleaner.

Making a Durable Industrial flooring with BECOSAN® Densifier will give you a surface, that will provide you with great aesthetic qualities. There is no need to use alternative floor coatings such as epoxy

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