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Densifier for Concrete

You need to get your concrete floor treated. “Floor sleeking” can offer you a beautiful, shiny and durable floor just by using the already existing material – the concrete slab.

We will do deep-cleaning, polishing and hardening of your floor with some very special products and methods, and your never-ending problems with dust and maintenance will be over and done.

The very special product is called BECOSAN. You better get the job made by some professionals, if you want to get the best possible result.

First we (“Floor sleeking”) use a scrubber-drier to remove the micro-roughness, responsible to all the dust. After several passes we apply BECOSAN® Densifier for concrete in order to make it hard and durable. Then we polish the concrete floor, and it’s ready to receive the treatment with the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.

Your concrete floor has now become dust, water, oil, grease and stain proofed. It will no longer be possible for any kinds of dirt to penetrate.

The densifier for concrete has a very important role in this “game”. When we are talking about durability, we are talking about keeping your concrete floor protected for abrasions and ugly marks. Densifier for concrete makes it possible.

Before the owners had to wax their concrete floors, a kind of maintenance necessary to maintain a nearly good-looking sheen, but it didn’t make it hard.
Now it’s enough with a simple wash with water and perhaps some soft soap.

So don’t worry. We have an absolutely fantastic solution for you owners of concrete floors.

BECOSAN® Densifier for concrete is a cost effective and durable way of dust proofing concrete floors. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result for many many years.

Our products can be applied outside as well as inside your house. Don’t be afraid of what it is doing to the environment. We are only working with green solutions – a thing we take very serious.

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