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Untreated concrete floors are difficult to keep clean, only the short moment they are wet, they seem to be clean, but at the very moment they dry up, they will regain their ugly appearance just as before the cleaning. You simply need to get your concrete floors treated with concrete hardeners for dust proofing.

When your concrete floors have been treated with BECOSAN, dust proofer and hardener, you will no longer have dust and maintenance problems. BECOSAN penetrates and reacts from the inside of the concrete. The surface will become denser and harder with greatly increased resistance to abrasion.

Concrete hardeners for dust proofing will be the right and only solution for all owners of not only factories and garages with concrete floors, but even private homeowners – anywhere where concrete flooring is in existence.

Today, BECOSAN has made it possible to use the concrete as the final flooring surface due to the concrete hardeners for dust proofing – something inconceivable just a few years ago.

If you don’t know what the concrete hardeners for dust proofing are all about please search on the web – search on “BECOSAN system”.

You will find beautiful marble-looking concrete floors, pictures and videos of concrete floorings before and after the treatment with our products for dust proofing. You will find it difficult to believe that we are talking about the same floors.

Today, concrete hardened, polished and treated with BECOSAN hardener and sealer, is known for its durability and cost-saving features. It has become a popular alternative to other flooring materials, which cannot offer the same benefits. The three most important characteristics are the lower total cost, the lower maintenance and the aesthetics.

An increasing number of architects choose this method. No other flooring is created to last a lifetime. Isn’t it pleasant to think of the fact, that once treated with BECOSAN, you just won’t have any more problems with dust or allergy – ever! For further information please contact our experts.

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