BECOSAN® Grinding and Polishing Process

BECOSAN® Grinding and Polishing Process

Naturally we want to share our extensive knowledge with you and as you know, just a few years ago, an industrial floor really had to have some sort of coating in order to be treated for dusting etc. We all remember the dirty and dusty underground parking spaces, warehouses and production facilities.

It has become so much easier today by utilizing the Floor sleeking system and the grinding and polishing processes. And by using BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, your company can offer an absolute perfect concrete floor – once treated with the right products. Ground and polished by professionals, the floor surface never needs any other protection. And this surface, with its marble appearance, can be used everywhere; in warehouses, civil centres, sports arenas, hospitals, airports…

Have a look at our website and learn how to include the Floor sleeking system in you grinding and polishing processes. You will be astonished how easy and fast this job can be done.

We have developed a system with special discs for your technicians to attach to traditional power trowels – no need to invest in expensive new machines, just choose the grinding and polishing process from Floor sleeking.

BECOSAN® systems have no comparison. They will never get yellow, so you can apply the products inside and outside. The concrete floor will keep the same appearance from day one. The surface will stay smooth and dust proof, and will be very scratch-resistant due to the BECOSAN® Densifier, and after the application of the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, the floor will be protected against water, oil and other penetrating stains.

Just imagine. Not only you will be faster than your competitors, but you can guarantee a long-lasting result. Once the job has been done, your clients will be able to cut expenses for expensive maintenance work.

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