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border concrete finish

What we do

Concrete Floors – Made Better.

And in a nutshell, that is exactly what we do – we take a concrete floor and we make it so much better.  Our three-step process works on any concrete floor turning it into a durable, low maintenance and attractive surface.


On any concrete floor

Concrete is a wonderful material but untreated it is dusty, hard to clean and unattractive.

The BECOSAN® System will turn your floor from a dull, rough finish into a highly polished, shiny and abrasion resistant surface ready to endure the toughest of business and industrial processes.  Neither does it matter how large the floor is.  We have improved concrete floors of only a few hundred meters up to huge areas equivalent to the size of multiple football pitches!

Where in the world

Working with our partners, BECOSAN® can deliver fabulous floors worldwide. If you have a floor that needs making better – ask us for a quote.

Our three step process

We grind away the micro-roughness which is present on all floors and smooth to the required finish using a series of increasingly fine BECOSAN® diamond abrasives.

The abrasives are attached to power trowels for small areas or to ride-on power trowels for large areas.  The grits run from 50, used on the first pass, through to 3000 used to bring the surface up to a glass like finish.

During the process we apply BECOSAN® Densifier. This chemical is sprayed onto the concrete floor to bind the free lime particles into a much more abrasion resistant surface.

The final step is the application of BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.  Once treated the floor, it is resistant to liquid spillage, can be brought up to a beautiful shine and is ready for whatever your business can throw at it.