Concrete densifiers

Densificador hormigón | Endurecedor hormigón | BECOSAN®

Do concrete densifiers really help floors reduce wear?

Concrete is not always strong enough. Some concrete floors wear out prematurely. To make them last longer, the market offers a wide range of products, including concrete densifiers, sealers, and concrete additives.

What is a concrete densifier?

Densifiers are a liquid substance that impregnates into the concrete, causing a chemical reaction that compacts and hardens it.

The BECOSAN® treatment combines the use of a state-of-the-art patented densifier with a polishing process that uses diamond discs to improve the performance of industrial flooring.

How do densifiers work?

BECOSAN® densifiers work in the following way:

Concrete, due to its cement composition, contains lime particles (calcium carbonate). The abrasion that floors are exposed, causes the lime to detach from the floor and stain its surface with a layer of dust that’s never completely removed.

Therefore, concrete surfaces have pores that weaken with useBy applying a densifier this problem disappears.

BECOSAN® densifiers are lithium-based. Lithium silicate ions penetrate the concrete through its pores, triggering a molecular reaction with the minerals.

The lime present in the concrete is unified, managing to compact the surface and avoid it from appearing as a powder on the surface.

This chemical reaction between silicate ions and free lime is indisputably scientifically proven. So it can be said that concrete densifiers, at least when using BECOSAN®, help reduce the wear and tear on concrete floors.

BECOSAN® products have been developed under high-quality standards and have numerous certifications. The BECOSAN® polished concrete floor treatments have already been used on multinational companies throughout the 5 continents.

Two-year-old concrete floor treated with BECOSAN® Densifier that maintains the same appearance as its first day.

Two-year-old concrete floor treated with BECOSAN® Densifier concrete hardener.

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