Jad Mansour, civil engineer specialized in industrial concrete flooring at CCL, talks about the long-term floor problems in industrial warehouses and logistics facilities.

3 Jad Mansour Salame Ccl Becosan Representative

Who is Jad and who is CCL?

Jad Mansour Salame is a civil engineer who specialises in industrial concrete flooring. In addition to a master degree in civil engineering, Jad holds a master certificate in Concrete Construction Management, Concrete Flooring and Concrete polishing. As manager of the Concrete Flooring Division “SURFACE” within CCL, Jad has executed so far more than 50 projects with a total area over 100 000m2  in 7 different countries.

CCL provides specialised engineered solutions for structures around the world. Backed by over 80 years of experience, and sites on five continents, its expertise has helped create iconic construction projects across the globe. CCL consistently delivers innovation and quality, with attention to detail and an eye for the bigger picture in all of its endeavors.

Continued growth has strengthened CCL’s expertise across all areas including slab solutions, post-tensioning, repair and strengthening, structural bearings, precast systems and geotechnical applications, confirming CCL’s status as a market leader in its field.

The recent growth of the logistics, retail and industrial sector compelled a change to the way facilities need to be constructed and specially floors.

The recent growth of the logistics, retail and industrial sector compelled a change to the way facilities need to be constructed and specially floors. After receiving many inquiries from our clients asking for solutions for industrial floors problems, CCL engineers have explored the new needs of the logistics, retail and industrial sectors and the problems faced by the facility owners to come up with a specialised solution for industrial flooring construction branded as “SURFACE”. SURFACE is a complete flooring solution tailored to meet the clients’ exact needs with the target to optimise the productivity of the facility with a cost-effective flooring solution. With CCL SURFACE it is possible to extend the joint spacing, eliminate cracks, deliver a super flat surface, enhance the floor aesthetic, and reduce the maintenance cost of the floor. Moreover, CCL SURFACE solution reduces the carbon footprint of the facility.

What are the problems with current concrete paving techniques?

The current concrete paving techniques are causing many problems: concrete cracking, joint failure, levelness and flatness, low abrasion resistance, higher levels of dust, hygiene and aesthetics. All of these problems affect the productivity and performance of the industrial facilities and warehouses causing big profit losses in the long term. Those problems can be caused by an unappropriated design, bad execution and finishing of the concrete or an unsuitable surface protection.

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Concrete Cracking

Baches en Suelos Industriales

Joint failure

Joint Levelling And Flatness Problem Concrete Floor

Levelness and Flatness

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Dusting and hygiene

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Low Abrassion Resistance In Concrete Floor

Low abrasion resistance

Introducing SigmaSlab®

What is SigmaSlab®and how does it differ from the traditional system?

An innovative new concrete slab technology developed by CCL and Bekaert combining all the benefits of CCL post-tensioning with the advantages of Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement.

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Concrete Pump Mixers Other Side Birds Eye View Sigmaslab Verrebroek Scaled
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Close Up Pt Strands And Chairs

This new technology removes the need for traditional reinforcement which in turn speeds up construction and significantly reduces installation costs as fewer site operatives are required. SigmaSlab® optimises post-tensioning and Dramix® steel fibers to deliver an optimal cost-effective solution while providing better resistance to cracking and deflection, and a more durable and low-maintenance finish.

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3 Jad Mansour Salame Ccl Becosan Representative

Jad Mansour Salame

Product Engineer - SURFACE Division
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