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5 Reasons You Should Choose Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is becoming an increasingly popular flooring option for businesses, restaurants, warehouses, and even homes. Despite its growing popularity, many people

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When a tenant leaves a property, the floor must be made good. Holes and cracks must be filled, stains and marks must be removed. After a BECOSAN® treatment the floor is much harder and resistant to stain. Therefore, one clean and the floor is ready to rent again.

BECOSAN® Grinding and Polishing Process

When you are submitting an offer for treating an industrial concrete floor for a client, you want to be sure you submit the right price in order to be successful and you need the right tools for the job – the power trowel and the right products. The grinding and polishing processes are very important for the outcome of your work. You don’t necessarily want your competitors to know these secrets on how to provide these aesthetically beautiful solutions.